FIEGE Group rolls out BSI CRM from the cloud

The logistics company FIEGE not only has contract logistics under control, but contact logistics as well: The corporate group is rolling out BSI CRM from the cloud with the aim of optimizing customer relationship management, while enhancing both efficiency and the customer experience.

Headquartered in Greven, Germany, FIEGE Group is among Europe's larger logistics providers specializing in efficient logistics solutions. The group now intends to also boost efficiency in customer relationship management with a modern cloud CRM solution from BSI Business Systems Integration AG.

FIEGE Switzerland was the first business unit to turn its attention to CRM: The FIEGE Team in Switzerland rigorously tested and reviewed BSI CRM to ensure that the CRM solution is also suited for other countries and the entire group. The results were positive: FIEGE Switzerland was satisfied with the user-friendly and easy to operate CRM software. FIEGE has since independently rolled out BSI CRM to 14 additional countries. BSI was standing by in the background, ready to provide support and recommendations if needed.

Automation and customer proximity

Founded in 1873, the family-owned business is constantly reinventing itself so as to remain at the state-of-the-art in the age of digitization and automation. That also goes for customer relationship management: FIEGE uses BSI CRM from the cloud, which means it always has the latest versions and features at its disposal. An update to Ocean, the latest version of BSI CRM is planned for early next years, promising greater customer proximity and automation options. The FIEGE team completed the configuration of the 360 ° view, masks and more on its own. The team even took on introduction of the CRM solution to all users in nine countries, from training to the rollout.

“With BSI CRM, we replaced our own solution with a modern cloud application. This makes customer knowledge centrally accessible and no longer a question of the individual state of knowledge among single employees in the respective countries,”

Hans-Ulrich WolfCIO at FIEGE

Employees profit from a central 360 ° customer view including customer history, easy reports and well-arranged dialog fields.

“Clearly perceiving the needs of their users, the FIEGE Group rolled out BSI CRM on their own," explained Manfred Piringer, Project Manager for BSI, who went on to sum up: “With BSI CRM from the cloud, FIEGE is free to focus entirely on its core business."