Degussa Bank: service champion for retail banking

Only one currency counts in the banking business: mutual trust. Noel Vena-Veloso, Head Marketing Analytics, CRM, Marketing & Sales Controlling at Degussa Bank, talks about what Degussa Bank is doing to strengthen the currency of trust with service leadership.

What distinguishes good customer service?

Dialog skills and customer orientation are key components of a service team, of that Noel Vena-Veloso is convinced.

Customer orientation, that is how I would interpret the term customer service; it has something to do with appreciation for one’s dialog partner. It is primarily a communicative task to understand what the real concern is. Only then can a good solution be presented. The basis for this is active listening in order to connect with customers where they currently happen to be.

What turns a service team into a service champion?

Dialog skills and customer orientation are key competences of a service team. A service champion builds upon these key competences, anticipates the needs of his customers, is proactive and lends support at the right moment on the way to meeting the customers’ goals.

What is needed for this?

Needed is a place where all communications and interactions with the customer are visible, regardless of the communication channel the customer used to send his query. It requires transparency regarding which concerns and needs have been raised and what support we provided. It is clear to me that this place is the CRM system.

What is the advantage of service leadership?

Service leadership means exceeding the expectations and gener- ating a good customer experience. Digitization is driving customer expectations in terms of process efficiency and communications effectiveness. Customer demands for real-time services and contracts, information-providing capabilities and status tracking have long since carried over to the banking sector. Our goal is to be the first point of contact for our customers when it comes to financial services. Service leadership brings us closer to this goal.