Degussa Bank begins a new CRM era together with BSI

Degussa Bank is leading its customer contact management into the dawning omnichannel era: to meet the demands of networked customers, the bank decided to work together with BSI as its CRM partner to introduce a holistic customer view and to integrate all digital and physical channels in one central CRM solution. Degussa Bank is thus setting the course for an optimized customer experience in the digital world.

Degussa Bank is distinguished by its literal customer proximity. As Germany's only Worksite bank, it is closer to customers than any other bank: with 250 branches directly on the premises of companies as well as in industrial and business parks. To maintain customer proximity not only physically, but seamlessly across the entire customer journey, the management team decided to strategically transform the bank from the multichannel to the omnichannel world. Customer service will be innovative; new business and service offers will be generated through the 360° customer view and integration of all touchpoints. The objective is to provide a consistently positive customer experience across all contact points.

Competitive edge with a seamless customer journey

The basis for this is a central CRM solution that meets all the requirements of the digital transformation. “The topic of CRM has taken a quantum leap: While at the end of the 90s, CRM was primarily seen as address administration, today it is involved in making the customer central. Towards this end, silos and structures that are no longer cutting edge are being dismantled to enable holistic and seamless customer service throughout the entire customer journey,” according to Michael Horf, Board Member at Degussa Bank.

After the existing solution had grown obsolete and was no longer capable of making the jump from multichannel to omnichannel bank, the bank evaluated potential CRM vendors. After a proof of concept, BSI Business Systems Integration AG succeeded as the new CRM partner for three reasons, reminisced Michael Horf: “On the one hand, with its open technology, BSI integrated best in our IT architecture. Furthermore, BSI won bonus points for its range of functions. Finally, the employees in particular, the type of collaboration, the great flexibility and the communication all spoke in favor of BSI as our CRM partner. BSI is a vendor with which we feel comfortable, not only during the project phase, but also during implementation. The common values and company size were just as harmonious as is the common spirit during the development of joint visions and thoughts about future customer care. The explorative spirit connected us together right from the beginning,” according to Michael Horf.

Michael Horf, Board Member at Degussa Bank

Trust: The hard currency in the banking business

Only one currency counts in the banking business: mutual trust. The basis for this is the trustworthy handling of customer data. There is an additional, fourth reason that spoke in favor of the collaboration with BSI: “The global CRM supplier was able to dispel our data protection concerns. The questions: Where is the data stored? Who has access to the data? And how does data processing take place? All have become increasingly significant due to the Court of Justice’s invalidation of the Safe Harbor Agreement,” Michael Horf explained. With BSI’s on-premise solution, Degussa Bank is on the safe side according to its legal assessment and the new data protection standards in the EU.

Consistent real-time experience for business and private customers

Degussa Bank will roll out BSI CRM in two stages: Business customer support staff will be the first to start. They will be followed by sales staff in private customer care. And in a further expansion stage, all employees will be connected to the CRM, including those in the subsidiary, explained Michael Horf: “With the introduction of our omnichannel strategy, we are striving to depict the entire offer range across all customer segments. The solution provides us with the communication options and workflows needed for this holistic customer care.”

“With the introduction of our omnichannel strategy, we are striving to depict the entire offer range across all customer segments.”

Michael Horf, Board Member at Degussa Bank

The Board of Degussa Bank anticipates the greatest added value from the performance of the new CRM system: “With seamless workflows, a structured customer journey, high transparency, intelligent processes and enhanced performance, we seek to further extend our lead in terms of customer enthusiasm.” Moreover, it will be possible to check service level agreements in real-time in the future; system landscapes will have a uniform data format. Towards this end, the landing pages of multiple databases were aggregated for tracking to meet customer expectations of real-time interactions online, mobile and in the branches. “We look forward to the new system and being able to provide customers with a lot of relevant information. The 360° customer view and significantly higher performance are important steps on our path into the omichannel era,” according to Michael Horf, who is not lacking in ideas and plans for innovative customer care. “The industry is highly dynamic. We consider ourselves to be well equipped for the future with our new CRM.”