Confiserie Sprüngli introduces BSI CRM at all touchpoints

Confiserie Sprüngli has chosen BSI as its CRM partner. The goal is to offer a consistent omnichannel service experience from the online shop to the cafés. The 360° customer view fosters service excellence at all touchpoints and, at the same time, forms the basis of the “Petits Plaisirs” loyalty program.

Store customers, café visitors, wedding couples seeking consultation, online shoppers and corporate customers all appreciate the high quality and the exclusive product range offered by Confiserie Sprüngli. To offer both private and corporate customers a seamless service experience across all touchpoints from the online shop to the cafés, Confiserie Sprüngli chose to introduce BSI CRM. Maurice Ruckstuhl, Customer Relations Manager at Confiserie Sprüngli explained, “the cross-channel 360° customer view grew in importance with the launching of our ‘Petit Plaisirs’ loyalty program at the beginning of March 2017. With the introduction of BSI CRM, we no longer only use CRM for customer consultations, but also in the online shop and at the sales points. The cafés will also be connected starting in October.” This enables Confiserie Sprüngli to provide a holistic customer view and to promote positive customer experiences at all contact points.

“Our customers will receive the best individual service performance from us. The top priority of our CRM-based loyalty activities is targeted towards meeting customer needs.”

Maurice Ruckstuhl, Customer Relations Manager, Confiserie Sprüngli

CRM as pivotal point for the loyalty program

An undertaking like this requires consistent and transparent software support which focuses on the customer’s interests and preferences. “The 'Petits Plaisirs’ loyalty program is directly connected to the CRM. Our goal is to become more familiar with our customers’ individual needs and their personal purchasing behavior through all online and offline channels in order to serve them better, faster and more individually. The collected data enables us to show customers our appreciation with personal gifts, special invitations and other benefits,” the CRM expert explained.

“One world” through CRM

“CRM facilitates ‘one world’ thinking. Maurice Ruckstuhl describes Confiserie Sprüngli’s ‘one world’ thinking: We have access to the same information at all touchpoints, apply the same rules and present the same professionalism to the customers - at the sales points, in the online shop, in the cafés, per e-mail, on the phone, personally, through social media and in Sprüngli chat.”

Customers will receive targeted offers and information based on customer data in the future. A prepaid option or purchase per invoice will also be offered for “Petits Plaisirs” customers. Digital order confirmations and invoices in the offline channels shall make life easier for customers. Electronic and physical gift cards will steadily expand the circle of the rapidly growing “Petits Plaisirs” customer group.

“Our customers will receive the best individual service performance from us. The top priority of our CRM-based loyalty activities is targeted towards meeting customer needs. The 360° customer view at all physical and digital touchpoints offers us the opportunity to make our customer proximity, innovative strength and future orientation perceptible in all business fields,” summed up Maurice Ruckstuhl.

Presentation at the Swiss CRM Forum 2017

Digital loyalty program in an omnichannel world: at the Swiss CRM Forum 2017 on 27 September 2017 at the Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich, Maurice Ruckstuhl will report about his experiences during the introduction of BSI CRM and the digital customer card. The expert for a seamless omnichannel customer experience will demonstrate the importance of a clean integration of online shop, sales points, the cafés and B2B and B2C customer care with a central CRM system as the pivotal point.

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