BSI develops user interface for loan processing at Raiffeisen

BSI modernizes the user interface for loan processing for Raiffeisen. Staff throughout Switzerland uses the new application in the credit sector for applications, approvals and loan contracts.

With 3.7 million customers, Raiffeisen Group is Switzerland’s leading retail bank: nearly every other person in the country is a Raiffeisen customer. Local anchoring and customer proximity are among the bank’s central values. The third force in the Swiss banking market, with more than 10,000 employees, practices these values daily within the country's densest banking network. Customers are advised on the topics of payment traffic, investments and retirement at 1,015 bank locations. The mortgage business is particularly popular: virtually every fifth mortgage in Switzerland originates from a Raiffeisen bank. This means that loan processing is a very important topic for the company.

Christian Friedl, Raiffeisen
Christian Friedl, Raiffeisen
Peter Nüdling, Raiffeisen
Peter Nüdling, Raiffeisen

Modern user interface at a fixed price

Because the technology in the existing user interface was getting on in years, the Raiffeisen IT department decided to modernize this component. Staff had to be quickly provided with a new functional tool to ensure a smooth procedure for the important credit business. The layout of the new solution should resemble the existing application to avoid incurring training costs. To reduce the implementation risk, the backend services should also remain unchanged. Raiffeisen chose BSI as its partner for the implementation. “BSI was chosen, on the one hand, because we had to use an existing and established framework, which BSI was able to offer with Eclipse Scout. On the other hand, the company’s geographical proximity and fixed price both also spoke in favor of BSI,” explained Christian Friedl, Front Development Department Head at Raiffeisen.

Replacement of the outmoded GUI technology with Scout

The BSI Scout team, along with specialist support from Raiffeisen, developed the new user interface for loan processing in Raiffeisen’s back office, within just four months. A total of 330 banks went productive in record time. “Our representatives and back office staff can now quickly and efficiently service customers with a modern user interface. The entire process is covered, from the loan application through internal reviews, permissions and approvals and on through to the contract. The individual applications and permissions are handled in Scout. We have thus initially implemented a core portion of loan processing with Scout,” according to Peter Nüdling, software architect for Raiffeisen. BSI supported Raiffeisen throughout the pilot phase. Once the modernized application was launched, Raiffeisen resumed the maintenance and further development of the application from BSI. The Raiffeisen developers are currently developing further components to integrate in the new Scout architecture. “We are in the processing of taking the other applications, which are still based on the outdated technology, into Scout on a topic basis. In this way we are eliminating dependencies in specific area technologies that are no longer supported and can, at the same time, offer customers a good, modern user interface. The plan is to continue on this path and to implement the specialized consulting applications in Scout.” Even the experienced software architects approved the Scout architecture: “With Scout we are creating a better future outlook than we have ever had before. The framework is being actively further developed by BSI and is also used by BSI itself. You can only develop good tools if you actively implement and use them yourself,” stated Peter Nüdling.

The new solution was implemented without any training

Even the application developers are satisfied with the Scout Framework. New employees quickly learn to handle the new architecture, which also has a positive impact on developer efficiency. “With Scout we can concentrate on development of the business logic and supply customers with a good specialized banking product,” summed up Peter Nüdling.

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