Automation of processes

Datatrans, the leading Swiss payment service provider, has introduced a central CRM solution. Specialized in payment processing in online commerce, the company is putting its customer focus to the test. The sales, operations and marketing departments shall profit from the new CRM solution from BSI Business Systems Integration AG.

Daniel Ellersiek, Project Manager at Datatrans

Datatrans, the specialist for Internet payments and mobile payment across Europe, has chosen BSI CRM. The aim is to accompany the customer throughout the entire lifecycle: from acquisition, to activation, support and development for productive operation, and on to deactivation. Different CRM features are of interest to the various stakeholders: the sales team is primarily interested in personal contacts, while the operations team is more interested in the technical details pertaining to the payment solutions. Marketing, in turn, will be looking at the customer’s interests in order to inform them in a targeted manner. “We can evaluate the data at hand and derive sensible actions based upon it in the future with BSI CRM,” explained Daniel Ellesiek, Project Manager at Datatrans AG.

From made to measure to standard solution

Datatrans has used a CRM solution in the past. However, it was heavily customized and could therefore not be kept up to date with the latest version in the long term. The technical possibilities were also limited. This meant that it made sense to look around for a state-of-the-art solution: “We learned about BSI CRM through a recommendation by an industry rep.” In addition to the hard facts about the tool, Datatrans was also convinced by the soft factors, such as BSI's culture and communications style: “BSI and Datatrans have nearly identical corporate philosophies and have similar mission statements and values. We think, act and function similarly and speak the same language, which greatly simplifies life and makes it so pleasant,” according to Daniel Ellersiek.

“BSI CRM gives us the certainty that our data will really remain in Switzerland, which is something that is important to our company.”

Daniel Ellersiek, Project Manager at Datatrans

High level of automation

With the introduction of BSI CRM, Datatrans is laying the foundation for a technical basis that enables them to develop interfaces between different systems and to drive automation of processes. The e-payment specialist would also like to better support existing processes and reduce manual activities. Sales staff will be able to profit from improved data maintenance and the ability to evaluate the existing data in a structured manner and to then derive suitable marketing development measures from it. “BSI CRM gives us the certainty that our data will really remain in Switzerland, which is something that is important to our company,” emphasized Daniel Ellersiek.

Added value through interlocking

This year, Datatrans is planning further networking with peripheral systems, process and interface optimizations and the creation of interfaces with an eye towards generating added value through automation and interlocking with peripheral systems.