An exciting year for BSI

2018 will be yet another year to go down in BSI history as a successful one: Continued growth, new customers and employees, new products and a new location are some of the highlights of BSI’s 22nd year in business.

This year, BSI Business Systems Integration AG was again able to continue its success story, which began 22 years ago with a 7-person team in Baden: New customers, including Hanseatic Bank, Galenicare, Pfister, and Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, as well as new projects for existing customers such as HDI, Swiss Post, PostFinance, the Gothaer Group, Münchener Verein, and APG again contributed to the Company’s organic growth of more than 10%. Forty-eight new BSI employees made one of the seven existing BSI locations or our new location in Hamburg their professional home this year. In addition, with Bank Gutmann, BSI gained an additional private bank customer and its first customer in Austria.

Growth trajectory with a customer focus

BSI implements its large-scale projects at its eight locations in Switzerland and Germany – always near its customers and not far from top talent. "We are pleased and very proud to have 322 dedicated and talented software engineers and software architects on our team," Markus Brunold, Managing Director at BSI, is happy to report. Despite the significant growth, his goal is to continue to live the values and culture that make BSI what it is without changing them. And he plans to do this by placing a one-hundred-percent focus on customers: "Our growth must benefit our customers and the industry communities we want to serve with a stronger market position as well as with new products and innovations,” explains Markus Brunold.

Product development highlights: the digitization of customer relationships – joy rather than pain

The continued growth is related to product development, an area where BSI has made significant investments again this year. One upshot is the latest release called BSI CRM Ocean that stands out with maximum configurability, optimized user-friendliness and useful features for sales, marketing, and Contact Centers. BSI also updated the CTMS solution to the latest technology, which by now is not only used by pharmaceutical customers in Europe but the US as well. In November, BSI launched the entirely new “Studio” product that smoothes the way for the digitization of customer relationships. This marketing platform contains a customer journey builder, content management system, business process engine, and a data management platform, thus replacing various previously insular systems. "With BSI Studio, companies can plan activities based on their customers’ behavior from one single system and delight customers in real-time." This is how Markus Brunold describes the latest product innovation for marketing professionals.

New location: Hamburg

"We decided to open a new location in Hamburg, too," explains Markus Brunold. To be close to the customer has always been an essential BSI value. "Since we have been supporting valued customers in Hamburg with the implementation of their customer-focused projects, and digitization and automation initiatives for some time now, our latest location had been long overdue," says the BSI Managing Director. In terms of well-qualified talent and quality of life, too, Hamburg is far ahead in the business location rankings.

2019 outlook

Markus Brunold is optimistic about the New Year. "Even now the new year looks to be yet another year of growth. BSI has made a name for itself as an innovative, reliable, stable, honest, and safe partner. Large companies with mission-critical software count on BSI when it comes to selecting a partner for such crucial projects and their successful implementation and introduction. We are very happy about that", says Markus Brunold.

In addition to the two planned feature and service releases for BSI CRM Ocean, the year 2019 will be very much characterized by BSI Studio: “With this new digitization platform, we are expanding our potential customer base, since customers can use Studio either with their in-house CRM, without a CRM, or with the BSI CRM.” Therefore, potential Studio users are all companies that rely on storytelling and thus see their customers in the leading role.

“The customer relationships of the future will be written with stories. This new form of storytelling becomes a piece of cake with BSI Studio and the sample stories, steps, brains, and great intelligence it comes with.”

Markus BrunoldCEO at BSI

Regarding the ongoing expansion of the templates and features, BSI counts on collaboration with partners. "We are very pleased with the good response and want to continue to expand our partnerships in 2019. With our “Step Store,” the e-shop for customer journeys and individual, digital customer interactions in real time, we provide an ideal platform. Our goal is to ensure that our customers are always one step ahead of their competitors and that they can use features today that they would not even have asked about until tomorrow.”

The BSI recipe for success

"We try to always be there for our customers, to meet them in a spirit of partnership, at eye level, and with respect. We have a responsibility; we offer our products at fixed prices and deliver on our promise. We won’t be satisfied until our customers, and the users of our software, are delighted. We love our customers; and because of that, we only “serve” them projects they can enjoy, and that are made by people who do excellent work and have many years of experience. Since our agile project methodology minimizes the risk of failure, our customers can exclusively focus on their goals,” Markus Brunold summarizes.