Agrisano looks after customers with BSI CRM

Agrisano introduces BSI CRM for their insurance activities. They aim to optimize and increase the efficiency of their all-risk insurance consulting. Furthermore, BSI CRM shall provide support with processes for the comprehensive advising of the insured.

Agrisano is a competent and reliable partner when it comes to insurance protection for farming families and their employees. The company offers farming families, their employees and the farming operation itself the best possible insurance protection. Agrisano offers mandatory and supplemental health insurance as well as single or combined insurance services for daily allowance, occupational pension schemes, savings, property. In terms of administration and organization, the Agrisano companies are integrated within the Social and Services Department of the Swiss Farmers’ Union (SFU). The Agrisano companies employ around 180 people and provide insurance protection for around 130,000 members, among them around 80,000 insured farmers.

With an eye towards looking after the insured even better in the future, the insurance business division of the Agrisano Foundation has chosen a partnership with BSI Business Systems Integration AG. “Our goal is to support all insurance consultation with BSI CRM,” explained Hanspeter Flückiger, Head of Insurance at Agrisano. In addition to integration of the consulting tool, the expert sees great improvement potential in the procedural support of employees with BSI Insurance, the BSI CRM industry standard for insurance companies. The lead process and lead management will also be simplified through the use of BSI CRM in the future. “The initially captured data in BSI CRM will be used for consultation meetings and enhanced in the process. It will subsequently be available to the consultants and staff in real time for generating offers and further processing,” according to Hanspeter Flückiger.

Agrisano offers farming families, their employees and the farming operation itself the best possible insurance protection.

An important step towards digitalization

While in the past, a fragmented system landscape hindered the comprehensive customer view, Agrisano now uses a central solution for its 18 regional offices in Switzerland and the Agrisano headquarters in Windisch. Customers are looked after in three languages. “The regional offices are supported in their work with the workflows in BSI CRM. Furthermore, they will be able to help one another if needed,” stated Hanspeter Flückiger, who especially appreciates BSI’s industry experience in the partnership: “We chose BSI because they are able to support us technically with their experience and industry solution. We can save costs and time by purchasing the standard solution. This more than makes up for the “disadvantage” of being unable to develop our own solution that is customized just for us.”

“The integration of the processes of the regional offices, to which the cantonal farmers’ unions are affiliated, in the processes of headquarters represents an essential step towards digitalization for Agrisano. We are pleased to be able to accompany Agrisano in this important step,” said Benedikt Reichlin, Project Manager at BSI.

Besides Agrisano, other insurance companies have also recently chosen BSI as their CRM partner. “Our latest release, ‘BSI CRM Indigo’ is being very well received in the insurance industry. Our customers, ÖKK and SWICA, are already in the initialization phase. Agrisano is also among the indigo pioneers,” explained Benedikt Reichlin. Reasons for its popularity among users include the user-friendliness, intelligence, flexibility and easy configurability that are precisely matched to the specific requirements of insurance staff. “With BSI CRM we have brought innovative and future-proof CRM software to market that combines contact, task and complaint management and more in a single solution. We are continuously investing in and developing the product in the interest of our customers,” according to Benedikt Reichlin, who looks forward to welcoming Agrisano in the circle of esteemed BSI insurance customers.