Viseca intensifies collaboration with BSI

Viseca is expanding its collaboration with BSI. In addition to the back office, BSI CRM is now used throughout the company, including the call center. The new account process for internal and external users has been optimized while the Process Wizard provides support for optimal management.

Viseca Card Services, one of Switzerland's leading card issuers, is intensifying its collaboration with BSI Business Systems Integration AG. Following the successful introduction of BSI CRM in the Viseca back office in 2009, the partnership has been expanded to include the entire group, including the call center. All work is now supported by the Process Wizard. A higher level of automation for account applications makes life easier for internal and external employees and partners alike.

With its service-oriented CRM system, Viseca proves that customer service is not merely a buzzword for this specialist for cashless payment transactions, but a promise to both private and business customers. This serves the entire credit card company as a basis for pleasant customer service and also to provide for optimized and automated processes both internal and external users.

With over one million card customers, Viseca Card Services Ltd is one of Switzerland’s leading card issuers. Based on the world’s leading brands, MasterCard and Visa, Viseca offers a broad product range for partners in retail banking, private banking or beyond the financial sector. An Aduno Group company that is wholly owned by a consortium of leading Swiss banks, Viseca offers the entire range of services needed to cover cashless payment transactions.

Three years ago, Viseca began searching for a more flexible, scalable CRM platform that could meet the needs of the entire group. The depiction and support of the various processes and complex product structures were among the main challenges that Viseca’s new CRM system had to master. The platform also had to be usable throughout the group. Furthermore, the new solution should flexibly integrate both partner banks and sales partners into the credit application working process in a contemporary manner, including individual management of all authorizations.

Viseca ultimately chose BSI as its CRM partner after an intensive evaluation process. Following the successful launch in the back office, the CRM solution will now be used throughout the entire group. “We implemented a CRM and contact center with Viseca that consolidates all data – from consultation, to additional information, to the various services – and displays it in the CRM. What makes it special is that all partners – both internal staff and external service providers – use the same processes, which are placed in the CRM. For example, partner banks can connect to processes and use them to process enquiries completely automatically or to enable verifications for appropriate mandates," explained Urs Frick, BSI Project Manager for Viseca.

Service-oriented architecture

The new application uses the advantages of service-oriented architecture (SOA), such as modularity and the reusability of services. According to Stefan Kämpfer, Head Business Management at Viseca: “Our goal was to have a flexible CRM application written in SOA, with which we can integrate our internal developments in a good GUI and through which we can offer new services. We have achieved this goal together with BSI and are already working on the next milestones.” Viseca is planning to make processes available through BSI CRM, so that partners can work with the CRM with their specific views and use the processes via the Web – in addition to the current XML interface. “The great advantage in this next milestone lies in the control, flexibility and management of the process, which can be handled both internally and externally," explains Urs Frick. 

Automation of routine tasks in the contact center

While contact center agents previously had to rely on checklists and work instructions, today the Process Wizard guides them through the complex card application and account opening process. Many checks that agents previously had to conduct are now automated. Through the integration of internal and external creditworthiness information and an automation of verifications, an application can be handled more securely, more simply and more rapidly. The system supports agents with a rulebook for assessing whether an application can be approved or if another product should be offered. The rulebook consists of an application scoring model, which is continuously adapted and improved by means of business analyses.

“We already noticed the gain in efficiency and quality shortly after the introduction," says Stefan Kämpfer. What's more, rapid training of new employees is more manageable than before, because staff can learn some of the process step along with the application. The processes and respective product definitions are integrated in the system. With simple interfaces and the reduction of the information displayed on the screen, the system can be understood intuitively. "The users liked the tool right away," explains Stefan Kämpfer. “BSI already understood our business very quickly during the first pilot and provided interesting input for improving the process.”