The BSI Munich office Trendsetting

The BSI Munich office is only three minutes away from Marienplatz in the heart of Munich’s city center. Therefore, it is easy to get from there to the most important subway and city train network hubs.

The largest public festival in the world rules the city for two weeks every year. For the BSI office, too, the Oktoberfest is a very special time, and a cool beer at the “Stammtisch,” the regulars’ table at the “Wies’n” where the Oktoberfest takes place is a big part of it.


The Team

About 30 BSI employees work at the Munich office and support customers in the retail, telecom and insurance sectors, with insurance accounting for most of the work.
Since many of the relationships the Munich office has had with customers have existed for years, they are particularly close, and dealings with customers are appropriately friendly and very cordial. The office’s central location means that the Munich team can visit many of their customers on foot or by bike.


Bouldering and board games

A very active bouldering group at the Munich office meets one to two times a week before or after work.

There are also game evenings at irregular intervals, where staff members play mostly pen-and-paper games and classic board games.


A culinary paradise

There are hardly any culinary limits in Munich. From the Hofbräuhaus with traditional Bavarian food to Asian, Italian or Indian cuisine – everyone will find delicious food they like in Munich. If you are looking for inspiration during your lunch break, you won’t have far to go to the Viktualienmarkt, the famous farmers and food market. You can walk there from the office in five minutes and enjoy a wide variety of fresh food at the iconic market stalls. Back at the office, every Wednesday is Burger Day at BSI in Munich.


What a view!

The Munich office features bright, spacious and air-conditioned workspaces with height-adjustable desks. Its modern office space occupies two floors, and the air-conditioned attic with a spacious roof terrace offers a breathtaking view of Munich’s Frauenkirche church. The roof terrace is where staffers often fire up the grill or enjoy a cool beer after work in the summer.


Bavarian quality of life

The City of Munich stands out with its high quality of life. There are countless restaurants, bars, and stores to shop at, the city has many parks and green spaces, and its proximity to lakes and the mountains is another big plus for nature lovers.


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Would you like more information about the Munich office or about working at BSI? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Philipp Bauer, Project Manager and Manager of the Munich Office