The marketing automation guide

Everything you should know about marketing automation

Everyone is discussing marketing automation. Customer experience management without marketing automation? It's literally unthinkable today! Artificial intelligence (AI) in a business context? A tremendous opportunity for successful marketing automation campaigns. So you have several thousand customers, and they are all supposed to have a greatly personalized experience? Marketing automation can help. Here is an overview of how it works.

What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation differs from e-mail marketing. Also, it has very little in common with the sending of anonymous mass e-mails and no-reply mailings. Impersonal newsletters? On the contrary! Even with a large lead pool and customer base, marketing automation delivers personalization.

We define marketing automation as the software-based planning, automatic execution, and evaluation of marketing campaigns and processes or work flows across all touch points and in real time. Marketing automation software intelligently coordinates all communication channels. It supports business processes and company departments with its functionality and can be put to use without the need for complex IT projects.

Why marketing automation? Here are the advantages

The benefits of marketing automation are obvious: higher efficiency, greater data intelligence, and better customer experiences. Marketing processes become more efficient, while marketing and sales become more effective. And from the customer’s point of view, it creates a highly personalized experience – one that meets prospective customers’ as well as current customers’ needs perfectly. This increases customer satisfaction – and ultimately revenue.

  • Personalized communication – at the right time and in the right place
  • A boost in lead generation thanks to technology
  • Handling of repetitive activities
  • More precise targeting of customers and leads
  • Clear analyses of campaigns and processes
  • Shortened response times
  • The creation of seamless customer journeys
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Assurance of better customer experiences

The things marketing automation must be able to do

Marketing automation is the keyword when it comes to the software-controlled automation of marketing campaigns and processes. Its functionality ranges from lead management to loyalty management:

  • Automation of customer journeys and processes
  • Measurement of success with KPI tracking
  • Content management
  • A high degree of content personalization
  • Dynamic content

And what can marketing automation help you?

We know many use cases. Let us prove it: We will be pleased to present our platform for marketing automation to you in detail.

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On your marks, get set, go! – 5 steps to marketing automation

For a marketing automation software solution to give you the best support, we recommend you go through the following five preparatory steps.

  1. Define personas and goals
  2. Analyze current customer journeys
  3. Design target customer journeys
  4. Identify campaign content with personalization potential
  5. Ensure that you have a solid basis for data collection and evaluation

From e-mail marketing to marketing automation

Marketing automation and e-mail marketing are two entirely different things. While the medium “e-mail” plays an important role in both approaches, marketing automation as the omnichannel strategy goes much further. E-mail marketing campaigns obtain their information from static lists without customer history, while marketing automation solutions can draw from a multitude of customer data that are updated in real time.

Marketing automation and CRM – a strong team

At first glance, there seem to be many overlaps between marketing automation and CRM-systems. Both are in the category of lead management technologies. In the past, CRM was more likely assigned to sales, while marketing automation was more likely assigned to marketing. Today, both systems are ideally interlinked and share the same database.

Customer journey management with marketing automation

Solid and up-to-date customer data drives marketing automation. A powerful, integrated CRM system ensures that. Marketing automation optimizes customer journeys in real time and uses real-time data to create personalized and positive customer experiences.

Marketing automation is easy with BSI Studio

You might already be familiar with BSI Studio, our marketing automation platform. BSI Studio lets you automate the dialog with your customers all the way from lead handling to after-sales. It uses every data point from CRM, ERP, and Analytics, etc., to design an intelligent customer journey, and it benefits from built-in AI features. Real-time monitoring of KPIs is included. With the integrated CMS, BSI Studio provides templates, personalized content, and dynamic content for every medium. This is how you can get a handle on customer experience management and ensure fully digitized business processes as well as seamless and powerful customer experiences.

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