Yes, we care

Sylvie Meyer makes doers. Whether employees or customers, she empowers people as Head of Sales and a Member of Management – and in the process, makes PostFinance the service champion in the financial sector. A small, but not inconsequential building block along the way to this accomplishment is BSI CRM. Read on to learn why this is, directly from the charismatic customer service expert herself.

Born in France, and active in various management positions in Switzerland since 1994, Sylvie Meyer has enriched the number 1 in Swiss payment traffic since 2008 with her CRM, sales, organization and change management expertise. As one of the leading retail financial institutions in Switzerland, PostFinance also reacted successfully during the crisis period and even managed to gain customer confidence. A total of 100,000 customers moved to the safe yellow harbor during the stormy times. These positive developments, however, also came with increased contact volume and required more time with customers on the phone. A raw wind of low interest rates and shrinking margins was blowing across the financial sector. Sylvie Meyer decided not to simply wait for a miracle, but to do something about it. At the end of 2011, she assumed management of the new contact center department and merged four decentralized call centers and several business units into a multimedia contact center. “We wanted to become more efficient and, in particular, to improve the service. Towards this end, we tapped into the synergies of a multichannel contact center with standardized, guided processes and a holistic 360° customer view,” explained the expert.

“We are pursuing a multichannel strategy. Our customers can choose the channel through which they prefer to contact us.”

 Sylvie Meyer

Because you have to work for miracles

What previously were four independent business units had different target systems and opening hours, were hardly networked and did not use the same infrastructure. Moreover, no uniform CRM system was used, which in turn made a 360° view of the customer with contact history impossible. The call center staff had no access to customer-relevant information, which led to rising recaller rates, decreasing reachability and ultimately a drop in efficiency and employee motivation. Sylvie Meyer and her team achieved an astoundingly rapid change with a comprehensive reorganization: She centralized the contact center and integrated the various channels; she introduced new processes and, with BSI CRM, introduced a 360° view. “The customer history is the basis for a high first contact resolution rate (FCR). And a high FCR, in turn, forms the basis for high customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.” The results of these efforts? Sylvie Meyer and her team were soon able to show success with the process adaptations and to stabilize reachability at 90 percent. The FCR increased to 90 percent with the help of the 360° view in BSI CRM and guided processes. “The customers did not notice anything from this major reorganization. On the contrary, we managed to immediately increase customer satisfaction on the telephone by three points.” The measures taken led to significant cost savings – despite longer talk times and the many new customers. “A miracle?” we ask. “There are no miracles without working hard for them. We have achieved a great deal and were able to quickly chalk up successes. This encourages us to continue on our path.”

Instead of mass outbound sales, the foresighted manager applied this to inbound sales. “Outbound sales are no longer the state-of-the-art. We had to create added value for our customers and PostFinance. Our customers appreciate the customized offers and our employees no longer need to contact their customers out of the blue. With targeted lead management, we receive customer-relevant sales tips. This enriches the job and takes the pressure off.” 

“We encourage the independent customer…”

The capturing of all business cases in the CRM system facilitates a detailed analysis of reasons for calls and channels. “We are pursuing a multichannel strategy. Our customers can choose the channel through which they prefer to contact us.” If new media forms arise, these too will be integrated. For now, the contact center offers phone, e-mail, letter, fax and the online platform. “Simple inquiries shift successively to online, SMS and app service channels. We encourage the independence of our customers. This allows us to invest more time in high-quality consultation.” 

Sylvie Meyer is making PostFinance even more customer-friendly with her experience and skills.

“...and also independent employees.”

Sylvie Meyer developed a new, modular training program, which enables staff to provide competent customer consultation: “Our customers are only satisfied when we can take care of their inquiries the first time they contact us. The basis for this is good training and the holistic customer view,” according to Sylvie Meyer. She is convinced that only employees who have an overview of their customers can advise them in a friendly, efficient and competent manner. “Employees have greater development perspectives today. Thanks to the lead management in the CRM, they have the possibility to customize offers. This makes their jobs more diversified. The employee’s competence playing field can be successively modularly expanded – from simple balance information at the beginning, to regulatory tasks.” 

Instant actions through real-time control

Sylvie Meyer particularly appreciates the real-time control that the CRM makes possible. “The holistic view enables us to anticipate developments and to control the service in real time. We can intervene, and adjust routing and overflow if needed. We can see how the business cases shift and where we need to apply more staff, and how many. We can correspondingly develop and promote our employees.” A case is automatically recorded for every customer contact. The staff documents the contact contents centrally in the CRM. “This enables us to accurately determine behavior patterns, which helps us to continuously improve our service structure and make ourselves fit for the future,” states Sylvie Meyer. Legal requirements and data protection issues, such as how channel blockings are carried out and automated processes, are supported. “This lowers our error rate and thereby risks for the company,” explains Sylvie Meyer. She was nominated for the Golden Headset Award 2013 in the Customer Focus category for the excellent optimization of the customer experience. The jurors asked what makes the project so unique. The answer was: “Sylvie Meyer implemented a complex project consisting of 39 individual measures in a very short time. In addition to the consistent reduction of complexity in project management, the project provided great economic benefits along with major benefits to customers.” Congratulations to Sylvie Meyer, a mover and shaker with courage, decisiveness and heart.

“There are no miracles without working hard for them.”

 Silvie Meyer

PostFinance and BSI – what connects us

PostFinance has relied on BSI since 1998. Since 2008, the number 1 in Swiss payment traffic has used BSI CRM in the contact center. Sylvie Meyer describes what characterizes the collaboration with BSI as follows: “BSI is a partner that matches us. We have the same values. BSI is flexible and uncomplicated. Discussions take place at eye level. When they tell us something, then we DO it.”