Working at BSI is film material!

What do software developers have in common with film directors? More than you might initially think, reveals Monika Freiburghaus. She is a project manager at BSI and a customer experience director. Which means: She helps her customers win hearts with good stories and good software.

  • Diploma: BSc in Computer Science at the FHNW, MAS in Business Engineering at the ZHAW
  • In training: To become a BSI Studio director
  • Lives and works in: Zurich
  • Grew up in: Bern

Congratulations, Monika! You are celebrating your 10-year anniversary at BSI this year!

Thank you! That’s right. I started working as a software developer in a project for PostFinance back in 2009. I later took on the project management for Baloise Insurance, Möbel Pfister, Galenicare and many other projects.

How did you end up at BSI?

Through my sister. She saw an advertisement for BSI at the train station in Bern and thought it would be better for me to work there while I studied than in the Aperto train station mini-market (laughs).

“I am fundamentally a team player. Together with a team, I can truly accomplish a lot!”

Monika FreiburghausProject manager at BSI

You were already working at BSI when you wrote your master’s thesis. It was on the subject of teamwork, right?

Exactly. I researched the affects of business growth in team development in software projects and chose BSI as an example. BSI operates in a rapidly growing business environment. This demands agility, and that applies to teams as well. The bottom line: BSI manages this very well – undoubtedly due to our values, which are embodied by everyone who works here.

You can name an example?

What I especially like at BSI is the together-ness. “The team” or “the project” matter rather less than the big picture: We are all BSI. Everyone does what is necessary to ensure that things go well for both us and our customers. I am fundamentally a team player; without my team members, I wouldn’t be worth much as a project manager (laughs). Working together with a strong team, with colleagues who have the same mindset, I can truly accomplish a lot!

You love the mountains and prefer travelling by bike. Why?

I just like being outside in nature and really like the change in scenery. Sunbathing and enjoying the vistas that you don’t get as a city dweller. I love riding fast and concentrated – always a bit at the limit to feel the boundaries. Pure adrenalin! But then, biking has a lot to do with stamina and working towards goals, besides the social aspect: being together with friends who share the same passion. That really creates bonds!

You are now involved as a “director” for the marketing automation platform BSI Studio. What did you think the first time you heard about BSI Studio?

Crazy! That’s what I need to write good customer stories with our customers! Anyone can create good, customer-focused stories quickly and easily. There are no limits to your ideas! Anyone can become an innovation lead-er because companies are productive incredibly quickly with BSI Studio. The short time to market is fascinating. You can simply get started. That’s fun!

Can you remember an episode at BSI that is film material?

Working at BSI is film material (laughs)! We are very agile and spontaneous, make plans, but ultimately do what the customer presently needs and help when we are needed. When our product development head, Chris, presents BSI Studio, it is not just film material, but Oscar material! One of my favorite scenes happened at our BSI Studio premiere in the SRF studio: Our premiere guests were able to scan a QR code and use a landing page to concoct a smoothie to their taste and then pick it up. It is so nice to see how people can be impressed with small, well-conceived stories!

“At BSI, we approach projects with a lot of emotion, energy and passion, remain close to customers, give it our all.”

Monika Freiburghausalso moves with plenty of power in her private life

If you would shoot a film about BSI, what would it be called?

“Fire and Flame” (laughs). We approach projects with a lot of emotion, energy and passion, remain close to customers, give it our all and do not do things by halves. We are often called in when things are burning and do an especially good job there – like firefighters. Only we do not save burning houses, but the customer experience!

  • This is what makes me happy: Time with friends and family, good food, sunshine and the mountains, my new bike – and my work.
  • Favorite film: Dramas and films with authentic histories and a good story, such as “Side by Side”.
  • Favorite actress: Julia Roberts. I love how her smile just beams!
  • Hobbies: Mountains & biking, Downhill and Enduro. As long as it’s wild!