Targeted channeling of customer inquiries through the company

Just because your company is structured by departments does not mean that this also must apply to your CRM software. With interdepartmental processes, customer inquiries are competently and quickly routed through the company – or even external suppliers and partners can be involved. This provides greater employee productivity when it comes to customer contact and an improved experience for the customer.

The customer expects that his or her inquiries will be immediately processed and answered. They are neither familiar with the company’s internal department nor its partner companies or suppliers and each time they make contact they assume that anyone in the company can competently provide information. Nevertheless, the reality often differs greatly. Not all employees have access to the customer history and often other departments or external suppliers must be involved to be able to conclusively respond to a customer’s inquiry. The customer must be consoled, his or her concern routed further, not recorded and, in the worst case, may end up stranded in the system or in a staff e-mail inbox. This is unnecessary. With a process-oriented CRM solution, work and process procedures can be designed in a structured manner that offers higher qual-ity and greater transparency.

360° customer view for 100% complete information

The 360° customer view in the CRM system offers staff an overview of the custom-er at all times during customer contact, even to data that is outside their field of activity. Every employee can provide competent information, not just those in customer service, but also those in sales or branch staff: the status of an order, pending complaints, unpaid invoices as well as current contracts and their end dates. Ideally, this information is stored in the CRM system or obtained from peripheral systems. When staff works in just a single system – namely the CRM system – they are faster and more efficient. And the customer profits as well.

Processes that overcome departmental borders

But what if the customer wants more than just simple information? Perhaps a credit card application or an offer for a contract? BSI CRM can depict the process steps of such customer requests from end to end, even if other departments are involved. The department, organizational unit, as well as which person or which virtual team is in charge, can all be defined for each process step. The latter are not bound to organizational boundaries, but can be divided among department or act interdepartmentally.

A complaint can be recorded on the first level or even at a branch office; the steps for the detailed clarification of the complaint may be taken in the “complaints” team or, for VIP customers, with the main representative. The business case is automatically routed to the appropriate team and appears in their inbox.

Involve external suppliers

Do you also rely on external service providers for your business processes? Such as logistics providers, creditworthiness checkers or lawyers? Software from BSI not only overcomes departmental boundaries but also company boundaries. External suppliers are integrated in a flexible, contemporary manner, including custom management of all rights. Business cases can be directly routed to external people, even to those who do not work with BSI Contact Center. The business case is handed over completely or set for follow-up. As soon as an answer is received from the external person, the business case is automatically reactivated and transferred to the position in charge for processing.

Data access: reduced to the max

BSI is also a step ahead when it comes to complex data protection requirements. With data delimitation – the hard separation of data pots – external sales partners only have access to their data records and customer master data. In addition to the hard separation of databases, all rights can be finely tuned and are assignable with a clean roles concept for organizational units or individual users. The processes with the individual process steps, however, remain the same for all sales or organizational units. Each partner can maintain his or her own templates for letters, e-mails or disclaim-ers and adherence to all processes is nevertheless en-sured centrally and can be evaluated.

Click for click to a new process

Business processes are constantly changing. That is why processes in our software are also administrated within the company – without the need for programming skills. Predefined steps make it possible to compose processes directly in BSI CRM. With a single click, the modified process is activated and all subsequent inquiries will be processed with guidance according to the latest process rules. You benefit through supplier independence, greater cost transparency, more flexible adaptation and faster time to market.