​Running shoes are best suited for sprints!

While things have been going well for him on the job for eight years, privately, his life is one big construction site: Sandro Lombardo is a software engineer at BSI, builds great software – and now his first home.

  • Diploma: BSc in Computer Science from Berne University of Applied Science – Engineering and Information Technology, Biel
  • Lives in: one of his two favorite cities – Thun
  • Grew up in: Thun
  • Personal motto: Veni, vidi, vici. “If there is something I want, I just do it – and that usually works.”
Sandro Lombardo loves nature, travelling and the can-do mentality at BSI.

Sandro, what projects are you working on at the moment?

Privately, I am in the process of building a two-family house together with my sister in Thun. This is a really big dream come true for us both. At BSI, I am able to build alongside our customers on their digitalization projects, currently on a big project for PostFinance.

That sounds exciting.

It is! House building and programming have a lot in common: the big picture, planning, budgeting, designing and building on through to the go-live. There are important milestones along the way which serve to document the project’s progress. The following applies to both things: The foundation must be right – the fundament, the team, the planning and the precise implementation. It all must function in the end. People should have a sense of wellbeing. And, of course, it should look good.

Do you always manage to accomplish this?

Well, when it comes to our house, we will see that in a few months. And things are looking pretty good for the project ...

You are talking about the big project we are involved in with our longtime customer PostFinance.

Yes! We have maintained an intensive relation-ship with PostFinance for two decades. Along with the replacement of the core banking system we also had the opportunity to bring the CRM system, the counter application at post offices, the onboarding application for the back office and the contact center solution up to the state of the art. I was in charge of the new tablet app for customer reps. It is an exciting project and, at the same time, a great honor to work in the number 1 in Swiss payment traffic to help them design the digital future.

“At BSI, I am able to build alongside our customers on their digitization projects.”

Privately, Sandro Lombardo is fulfilling his dream and is building a two-family house together with his sister.

You have worked at BSI for eight years. What do you especially like about it?

The BSI philosophy! During a project we are involved from A to Z, we have direct customer contact, we take on different roles and we continuously further develop ourselves. We work with our customers to design the digital future, using innovative and future-proof technologies. Both the relationships with our customers and within the team are great. We are able to fully concentrate on what is best for the customer, and we have a lot of fun doing it.

What did you pay attention to when choosing your house build-ing partners?

The same criteria that customers use when they choose BSI: Partners must be honest and solution-oriented; good craftsmen, who assume responsibility and who keep their promises. For example, if a BSI customer wants something and we know of a solution that is better and cheaper for them, then we offer it to them. I expect the same thing from my building partners. We have a say during the construction; BSI customers also have a say in the software roadmap. Care is taken to ensure that customer needs are central at all times. And I have noticed something else: Neither us, nor the construction worker, need to put on a suit and tie to impress. We are competent in running shoes and strive to keep a step ahead. Running shoes are best suited for sprints!

Favorite food: Italian food in general
Favorite photographic subject: Point of view photos
Second favorite place: Alfano in the National Park of Cliento
Loves: Nature, travelling and the can-do mentality at BSI

Sandro Lombardo (32) studied computer science at the BFH in Biel with a focus on computer perception, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. His career at BSI has included involvement in 27 projects for customers including PostFinance, SBB, Aduno and the Swiss Post. And when he is not busy programming, he is out in nature, doing sports or travelling. Sandro also enjoys photography, playing music and cooking. When the weather is nice, he drives around Lake Thun on his Harley or crosses it by boat.