Right to the point

The company, localsearch, operates local.ch and search.ch, the leading Swiss platforms for the easy finding of addresses, telephone numbers and extensive information about companies – on the Web, using the mobile app and in printed telephone books (Local Guide). A new sales process has now been introduced by localsearch in its customer service center. With the 360° view, staff is able to make individual add-on offers to their customers and to quickly take care of their service inquiries. The success has overwhelmed everyone.

When people in Switzerland look for addresses, phone numbers, opening hours or want to reserve a table at their favorite restaurant, they gladly turn to local.ch and search.ch. The directories are called up more than 42 million times each month and the app was downloaded five million times. The printed telephone book also continues to be popular: 70% of people in Switzerland use the Local Guide. These platforms offer interesting advertising possibilities for companies, including directory advertising, online advertising, campaigns, Web presences and display advertising.

The directories of local.ch and search.ch are combined in localsearch. Due to the different users and the respective individual offers, the two brands remain intact. Advertising customers are looked after across the platforms.

Easier and faster support

The customer service center and field sales diligently sell portfolios of attractive advertising products. With the aim of serving business customers even more easily, faster and accurately, the company decided to introduce BSI CRM. The defined goals included the 360° customer view, guided processes and central sales management for improved lead processing as well as customer care across sales channels.

Heterogeneous system landscape as a starting position

The heterogeneous system landscape hindered a holistic customer view in the past. Employees lacked an integrated view of the customers and their portfolio. “The sales process was complicated. Customers also noticed this. Furthermore, the complexity resulted in long training times and made the process prone to errors,” stated Stefan Bieri, CRM Project Manager for localsearch. Staff was not always able to take care of customer concerns in a structured manner, which could negatively impact customer satisfaction.

“The team's views are tailored to their tasks.”

Yves Grepper, Head of Marketing & Sales Management at localsearch

New sales process in the customer service center

The multiple systems were merged into an employee-friendly single view with BSI CRM. It enables employees to point out attractive cross- and upselling offers and quickly take care of service concerns with the 360° view and visualized product combinations. Some of the further processing is already done fully automated. Less manual work results in higher quality and lower throughput time. Monthly product sales have also been boosted significantly.

Step towards digitalization and automation

Through the introduction of BSI CRM and the improve- ment of the sales process, localsearch was able to create a good starting point for further digitalization and automation. “Customers are served faster and in a customized fashion. Agents know in advance which customer they are dealing with and which offer the customer obtains from which business unit. The various teams view the data in different ways. This makes their work easier, because the views are tailored to the work they do,” explained Yves Grepper, Head of Marketing & Sales Management at localsearch. The previous system diversity has been converted into a comprehensive, holistic sales process. This means that employees can serve their customers even better, handle their orders or concerns even faster and, if necessary, route and complete them automatically, and most of all: make the customer happy with a positive experience.

“We managed to reduce training time by 50%.”

Stefan Bieri, CRM Project Manager at localsearch

Results of the integrated sales process

Positive results can already be seen after just two months with the new sales process:

  • –31% throughput time per order (from 16 to 11 minutes)
  • Greater data quality
  • Higher employee satisfaction
  • +20% efficiency in the sales process
  • Real-time data and reports in customer service
  • –50% training time

Equipped for the future

“We learned from the project that with BSI CRM we can attain very efficient user- and customer-friendly solutions, even while keeping an eye on costs,” summed up Stefan Bieri. “What especially impressed me with this project was the excellent cross-functional cooperation between vendor, business and IT. Through the joint, agile methodology, the first results could be rapidly achieved and then iteratively improved. That is the sort of IT project you wish for. With the solution from BSI we could build on best practices, while at the same time, the openness of the solution left enough flexibly to meet our characteristics. In many areas, this was even managed by means of pure configuration, without involving IT. In the future, we will be able to profit from this solution, which is well-established in the market, as well as the innovative strength of a successful supplier, which from the perspective of Total Cost of Ownership, is very valuable,” summarized Guido Kaufmann, CIO at localsearch.