Moral machines and subjective humans

The latest issue of «meeting BSI», the business magazine for BSI friends, user advocates and customer whisperers, is dedicated to machine learning and our value „We are not interested in short-term figures.“

HAL 9000 is a sentient, intelligent
computer that controls the spaceship
Discovery in the film “2001: A Space
Odyssey.” It communicates with the
crew with its red “eyes” that are installed
in various places throughout
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We are not particularly interested in quarterly results. No one at BSI is evaluated according to turnover, profit or whether budgets are reached. It is banal to make a lot of profit in a short time and it is banal to measure performance with key figures. It would be an insult to the intelligence of our employees if they would not outwit them. Nevertheless, we do have an evaluation system, simply not one that is mindless or superficial. We honor long-term goals. The evaluation of performance in our company is made based on gut feeling, which subsumes countless factors and is based on many years of experience of weighing and ranking these factors.

Having this intuition, this gut feeling, is today a task of our employees – knowing they are people with their advantages and disadvantages: moods, biases, mistakes. Would the evaluation be fairer if we could delegate it to a machine in the future?

Researchers preoccupied with self-learning systems seem to be on the path to finding something akin to mechanical “intuition.” With each action and each decision, the system changes and optimizes each subsequent action or decision – with the corresponding data volume it quickly makes up for years of lacking experience. We are approaching exciting times. If large companies, with mountains of data and intelligent systems, can react faster than start-ups, then the structure of our corporate landscape is bound to drastically change.

Catherine Crowden, Marketing Manager bei BSI
Catherine B. Crowden, Editor-in-Chief

The latest issue of our magazine „meeting BSI“ is dedicated to machine learning (ML) and its impact on our business, the way we interact with customers and the speed with which we could adapt to changing customer needs. Read more about this in the keynote and the employee interview. In which areas would you like to see ML? We would be pleased to receive feedback from you.

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