Meet the team: Muriel Hochuli-Wyss

She has four children ranging from five to eleven years old and no nanny. Her husband runs his own business, while she has worked at BSI for more than twelve years. Muriel accomplishes something that many would get a headache just thinking about. However, it has long since stopped being a major challenge for her. She just does it, and she has fun in the process.

  • Born in: Basle
  • Birthday: December 20, 1973
  • Astrological sign: Sagittarius
  • Diploma: PhD in Chemistry
  • Lives in: Nussbaumen AG 
  • Works in: Baden
  • Current projects: BSI POS (Walbusch), V-Max (Swiss Post)
The bunny comes along on hikes: Muriel has a weakness for stuffed animals.

Muriel, you have a doctorate in Chemistry. How did you get involved in the IT sector?

I found BSI in July 2001 through my schoolmate Peter Barthazy. Although I studied Chemistry, it became increasingly clear to me that I wanted to have something to do with computers. I was looking for a job close to Baden, so BSI was perfect for me. The chemistry was just right.

You didn’t have any children back then. Now you have four. Is the chemistry still right?

More than ever. BSI is very flexible and has saved me a great deal of effort. I like the atmosphere and it is fun to be able to work with colleagues.

Your children are now 5, 7, 9 and 11. What is your favorite thing to do with them?

I just like spending time with them. What we do together isn’t all that important to me, it can be a game, an excursion or helping them with their homework. Usually they decide what they want to play and whether I can be part of it. 

Playing, taking care of the household, working… that sounds like a lot of work. Do you receive support at home?

Before they started school, we brought the children to a day nanny. But that’s not necessary anymore. We never had any support at home. No nanny. No cleaner. I could hardly imagine having a stranger in our house. I would first have to establish trust with that person. That’s why I prefer doing it all myself. When I am at work, the children eat lunch at school or at the home of a schoolmate. The grandparents help out in an emergency.

Favorite country/city: Switzerland/Basle
Favorite hobby: The children and BSI, of course
Favorite food: Fruit flan
Favorite drink: milk
Favorite animal: Teddy bear

You are a major organization talent

Yes, that’s true. I certainly have my work at BSI to thank for that. In any case, I am able to transfer that to my duties as a mother really well.

And vice versa, can you transfer something from your duties as a mother to BSI?

Less so. Here at BSI we are all adults. I don’t have to cook for my colleagues or clean up after them.

You carry around a lot on your shoulders. How do you manage to keep it all together?

I don’t like cleaning. Therefore I am satisfied to do just the minimum. I have also reduced my working time to 30%. There’s a lot to do at the moment, but luckily at BSI I have the option of finishing specifications and test protocols at home. Even when my husband has little time due to his job, he supports me 100% and always lends a hand when it’s needed. So far we have managed to always find a solution for every difficult situation.

Do you still have time for yourself and your hobbies anyway?   

My family is my hobby. But I could also describe my work at BSI the same way, because for me it represents relaxation from my everyday life. Other things also interest me of course. I like to draw, play the piano and ride my bicycle. This weekend, for example, we have a family excursion planned. We don’t come up short with such activities. The only thing I miss a bit is traveling. That is rather bothersome with four children.

What does the BSI value “We do it” mean to you?

That we strive to give the customer what he wants. Even when we are not always 100 percent successful, we do our best. I have no problem with sitting down in the evening and finishing something for a customer. When I know that my children are in bed, then I have the quiet I need to work.

The combination of being a mother and working at BSI keeps Muriel on her toes and gives her great pleasure.