Meet the partner – Panda & Pinguin

The journalist Andrea Bleicher knows what captivates us. And she shares the secret with us. As a professional storyteller and BSI Studio partner, she writes her way into customers’ hearts. Is getting their hearts to beat faster a profession, a calling or a craft? Our recent chat provides some insight.

Andrea Bleicher from Panda & Pinguin

What is the first story you can remember ever hearing?

My mother told me that you rust if you don’t dry off after washing. A nasty, made-up story, but I believed it for a long time.

When did you begin telling stories?

When I was five, I began recording my own radio plays on cassette tape. I was quite inspired by puppet theater.

When did you decide to become a professional storyteller?

I decided to become a journalist when I was 12 years old.


I imagined it to be incredibly interesting and varied. And I was right.

Then what happened?

Then my business partner Sabina Sturzenegger and I decided to take the best part of journalism – the authentic storytelling – and to found an agency that conceives, researches and writes stories for companies and organizations.

What makes you a storyteller?

As a journalist you learn what a story is made of. This includes first of all knowing what a story is, coming up with surprising details, and presenting it in the right narrative form. We take this one step further at Panda & Pinguin. We research and tell authentic stories. Fiction is not at home here.

Why are stories so important?

Because you cannot only use them to convey information to customers, but emotions as well. And in this way, the flood of information you pour on them, is better retained by them. This enables companies to more effectively communicate their values and messages.

Aren’t stories also a sort of manipulation?

Stories, of course, are just snippets. It would be a mistake to think that stories only tell tales of success. Closeness and relevance are fostered when you also talk about setbacks and failures.

For what sort of companies is storytelling relevant?

It especially makes sense for companies that take a stand and are clear about their goals. Their strategic goals can be broken down into stories.

What gives stories their magic and power?

A good story is an interplay between sender and recipient. The story can be experienced, is suspenseful, presents situations and figures the reader can identify with.

Can you reveal to us three things that make a good story?

Courage, love for detail and the power of reduction.

What do you have in common with BSI?

People at BSI enjoy what they do – so do we.

What do you think is cool about BSI Studio?

The smarts steps, such as the weather step, and especially the ability to individualize the customer journey and so also the experience.

Why have you become a pioneer BSI Studio partner?

Because we believe in the ecosystem in BSI Studio and are convinced that it can benefit good partnerships and cooperations for customers.