Impressing customers with proactive service

Systematic lead management plays a central role in the sales process at Baloise Insurance. With BSI CRM, the insurance company ensures qualitatively better leads, more coordinated customer contact and comprehensive consulting. Christian Sterr, CRM Project Manager and a member of management at Baloise, explains how.

The insurance market is in flux. The increasing demands of customers also increase the demands upon customer service representatives. The quality of customer care and consulting becomes central when it comes to winning over the hearts of customers and keeping them beating faster in the long term.

Christian Sterr is CRM Project Manager and a member of management at Baloise (photo: Baloise Insurance).

Reorientation in field sales

To be able to meet the industry’s rising competitive pressure, one needs to look after existing customers and prospects with particular care. Baloise Insurance considers a central CRM system as essential and launched a comprehensive change project for its field sales. The introduction of BSI CRM is part of this project. “In the Baloise field sales, there was great potential for a sustained increase in productivity, since neither a standard consultation process nor a systematic lead management existed,” reminisced Christian Sterr, CRM Project Manager at Baloise. 

Furthermore, a very fragmented and heterogeneous IT environment hindered the work of field sales staff. At the same time, management was lacking the relevant information for systematic supervision.

“Fewer, yet qualitatively better leads”

Before the introduction of BSI CRM, the insurance company used various isolated solutions for the generation and processing of leads. Now all three lead sources (contract renewals, campaigns and manually entered sales opportunities) are depicted in one system with a standard process, which powerfully increases transparency and efficiency in field sales. “Today, we supply field sales with fewer, yet qualitatively better leads,” according to Christian Sterr. The customer profits from a targeted and coordinated contact and more comprehensive consultation. And the work of management is also made easier. They can anticipate the course of business and better manage their team with the sales funnel.

“With the Indigo Release, we were able to cover many Baloise-specific upgrades while sticking close to the standard.”

Christian Sterr, CRM Project Manager

Lead management as a leadership tool

Baloise uses the sales funnel as an early indicator of the course of business, but primarily as a management and coaching tool: “The funnel shows the activities of the customer representatives and provides managers insight into how the consultation approach is implemented in practice or if support is needed,” explained Christian Sterr. With the scope of the project, Baloise systemized the leadership and consultation process and linked it with a quality standard. In this way, BSI CRM supports both the customer representative and the sales management in their work: “The customer representative uses the system to look after existing customers, preparation for meetings and post-processing as well as to participate in campaigns. With activities reporting, the sales manager receives an impression of the course of business early on,” explained the CRM expert.

Upgrade to BSI CRM Indigo

After BSI CRM was successfully implemented in field sales and customer service, now broker sales shall also be integrated. Implementation with the new “Indigo” release costs less than it would to upgrade the currently used Release 12.8. “Consequently, we also analyzed the possibilities of the new BSI CRM Indigo for the currently used CRM business capabilities and came to the conclusion that we can cover many Baloise-specific adaptions with a close-to-standard solution and can offer users significantly better usability,” stated Christian Sterr. A further advantage of the upgrade is the technical separation of the standard product and customer upgrades, which enhances the release capability in the future and which means manageable and calculable upgrade costs. “With BSI CRM Indigo, we receive a Web application with the latest user interface, which is fun to use for our employees. The new interface is clearer and easier to use in many aspects. Many user wishes have now been fulfilled in the new standard,” explained Christian Sterr.

“A central CRM becomes the crucial point in the customer experience.”

Christian Sterr, CRM Project Manager

Comprehensively serve customers and partners

The emphasis of the third introduction phase is on the corporate customer business and broker sales. “In addition to field sales customers, our general agencies also look after brokers and naturally would also like one uniform tool for both sales channels,” according to Christian Sterr. “Furthermore, when it comes to strategic initiatives – such as digitalization and multichannel management – we view BSI CRM as an important building block in the implementation,” stated the expert. This enables Baloise to optimally care for their customers and partners at every point along the customer journey, and to surprise them with proactive service.