CRM ecosystem – how departments profit from one another

BSI CRM functions like an ecosystem: it networks all employees and systems within companies. Data is the lifeblood of this ecosystem, while employees are the living beings. They supply the ecosystem with data and know-how, which they process, use and exploit. With the aim of serving customers.

May we introduce you to Volta Superbikes? The fictitious company sells powerful e-motorbikes. Having a direct line to their customers is important to them. While Sergio, Vicky, Marta and Manfred work in different departments, they work hand in hand. They use BSI CRM as a central system and thus profit from a comprehensive view of their processes and customers. Among their customers is Lena.

Clever, smart customers

Lena Meier is a motorbike fan – but does not yet have one. She has done her research online and knows very specifically what she wants. She had a question about the battery on her dream bike, and contacted customer service about it. Sergio competently advised her. She signed up for a test drive through the website and is now looking forward to riding the new bike.

Guided processes – not just in customer service

BSI CRM guides users through processes step by step – whether this involves complaints, follow-up questions, outbound, marketing or sales. Processes can be started everywhere and by anyone. Sergio, a customer service employee at Volta Superbikes, loves the guided processes. Hardly any customer can put him off his stride. He has all the information available to him about the process, the product and the company at a glance. This also goes for the customer’s entire history. He can easily provide information to the potential customer Lena Meier.

Comprehensively serving customers

And because everything is logged centrally in BSI CRM, everyone has a comprehensive picture of the customers – including Vicky in the Volta Superbikes sales department. In the “Work” view she instantly sees what awaits her today: her appointments and assignments, which data records were changed and more. Today, she will show the new superbike to Lena Meier, who will take it for a test ride. A glance at the 360° view of the potential customer shows that Lena Meier asked customer service a question about the battery.

Accurate marketing

While marketing requires a great deal of customer data, it also generates a lot. Marta at Volta Superbikes uses the data in the system to compose mailings to existing customers, to send newsletters but also to identify opportunities and to then transfer them as leads to the sales department. She appreciates the personalized landing pages – for signing up for test drives for example – and that the reaction of customers like Lena are automatically recorded in BSI CRM. She can easily reuse this data – for follow-up actions, to trigger processes or to check the effectiveness of campaigns.

Data for strategic business decisions

With a central and networked CRM, all data flows together in one system – and can be evaluated. This impresses Manfred, Manager at Volta Superbikes. Each day, he checks the crucial statistics, which are customized for Volta Superbikes. Graphic charts provide him with a quick overview of the sales performance. He also sees which issues frequently land in customer services, and can improve the process accordingly. The comprehensive controlling and the reports provide him with the basis for strategic business decisions, product development and product management.

A functioning ecosystem

The comprehensive customer service at Volta Superbikes functions as well as it does because everyone works together and because BSI CRM bundles all customer data and all knowledge. The system is open to the outside world – with all interfaces, touchpoints and channels that are important to the company. And, like an ecosystem, BSI CRM is also further developing. For example, in the coming feature & service releases for Indigo, social networks and portals will be integrated. This is because, as an ecosystem, BSI CRM is not only open and complex, but also dynamic. It grows and adapts itself to changing environmental influences and new requirements. To perfectly serve customers like Lena, and employees like Vicky, Sergio, Marta and Manfred in every situation.

BSI CRM networks all business fields. Processes are comprehensive, touchpoints are integrated, all departments are linked and essential peripheral systems are connected to optimally serve customers in every situation.