Conclusively resolve concerns from :( to ;-)

Regardless of how people contact service agent Sergio, he looks after their concerns from A to Z. BSI CRM supports him thereby with guided processes. And not only for the traditional channels of e-mail, letter and phone, but also for posts, comments and messages in Facebook, YouTube or the self-service portal.

Sergio works in customer service for the fictitious company “Volta Superbikes”. With the help of the comprehensive BSI CRM for Contact Center he handles concerns from all channels. This includes posts on Facebook, comments on YouTube, SMS or queries through the customer portal. What Sergio likes: the processing procedure – such as for complaints – is always the same, regardless of the channel. The same process is triggered each time and the software supplies him with all the necessary information to conclusively handle the concern.

Customer portal

Volta Superbikes’ customers can call up all documents about their superbike in the self-service portal, maintain their personal data or send inquiries. The new customer, Lena Meier, has a question about her new superbike: How regularly should she have it serviced? The Volta Superbikes customer platform is based on BSI Portal and is integrated in BSI CRM: inbound inquiries, messages, address changes and requests initiate a business case in BSI CRM. The business case for Lena’s query is directly linked with her customer dossier and the process provides Sergio with the necessary information: “Once a year is enough, and the first service is even free of charge!” The functionality and design of the customer portal is adapted to the requirements and corporate design of Volta Superbikes. With responsive design, of course, both for desktops and mobile end devices. Any questions?

BSI Portal

Facebook & YouTube

Customer Lena is active on all channels, including social media. On the Volta Superbikes Facebook page she asked: “Is there a green helmet that matches my Superbike?” Since the Facebook page is completely integrated in BSI CRM, Lena’s question appears as a communication in BSI CRM and Sergio can directly start a business case. Lena’s Facebook profile is already registered in BSI CRM and the business case is thus automatically linked with Lena’s dossier and shows the 360° customer view. In the know-how article linked to the process, Sergio sees that the new collection will come out next month and will also include a helmet in bright green. Sergio handles Lena’s request completely in BSI CRM – his answer is automatically posted on Facebook and the process documented in BSI CRM.

BSI CRM also handles customer concerns from Facebook – just like it would from any other channel of course.

He resolves requests from unknown users as anonymous business cases. Just brief comments or minor questions? He also answers these in BSI CRM, without starting a business case: one or two sentences, text block, an emoji – post. Naturally, Sergio does not read every single post. BSI CRM has rules for this, which filters messages and comments based on sentiment analyses and keywords.

By the way, his marketing colleagues also plan posts for Facebook directly in BSI CRM. A standardized process is set up for this, including the four-eye principle, planning calendar, etc. What else can the social media integration do?


Incoming SMS are saved in the customer dossier. Want to send a reminder for a test drive? Send a confirma-tion that a request has been handled? Sergio needs the SMS integration of BSI CRM for this. That’s practical and fast.

Along with the social media integration and BSI Portal, the Feature & Service Release 2 for BSI CRM Indigo delivers additional advantages: the briefcase for offline access, route planning, double opt-in for marketing and the expanded network functionality, just to name a few. Read all the details here: