Concentrated load of CRM

With BSI CRM, MAN delivers a trouble-free customer experience: the introduction of the new CustomerCareCenter, as the CRM is called at MAN, enables the central recording of customer concerns. Thomas Kornmann, Project Manager at MAN, explains how the tool facilitates the complex management of the global customers and partners.

Mr. Kornmann, you introduced BSI CRM for the central recording and processing of customer concerns. What objectives are you pursuing with the new solution?

Thomas Kornmann is the CustomerCareCenter Project Manager.

MAN Truck & Bus is a globally established supplier of transport solutions of all kinds. To meet the challenges in all our sales regions, it is essential to know each individual concern of our customers and to come up with efficient solutions. A high level of customer satisfaction, current customer and vehicle data for solution finding and prompt processing within defined timelines are among the central goals for MAN. We will also be able to achieve the desired cost savings in the medium term.

We separate our customer concerns into complaints, inquiries and praise. We focus on processing them quickly and competently. Towards this end, we have established standardized processes that we are currently anchoring organizationally in all European markets. Our new CustomerCareCenter tool effectively supports us in the process.

“We can depict concerns centrally for all our markets.”

Thomas Kornmann, CustomerCareCenter Project Manager

Why is central recording and processing so important for MAN?


The CustomerCareCenter helps us to depict the recording, processing and solution documentation of customer concerns centrally for all our markets. Thereby, process steps, documentation and communication towards our customers follow established standards. This ensures that the corporate rules applicable for handling concerns now can be applied uniformly with the same tool. We manage this by making available to our users central customer views, a fast, differentiated search for customer and vehicle data as well as a comprehensive history.

How do you get users – such as the workshop boss in Italy – to record complaints?


The benefits of standardized recording and process-ing are not just for customers – such as the constantly accessible information about the status of their concern, faster solution finding, etc. – immediate added value also results for users in the company: the more information they have available to them, the more targeted the solution they can come up to meet the customer’s expectations. Significant time savings and a higher solution finding quality should be noticeable for both our customers and employees in the MAN workshops.

How does local and central reporting work?


Generally, our national companies have their own central departments and are in charge of developing their markets. Thus, evaluations and reports in the CustomerCareCenter can be made by any country and each organizational unit. If needed, the central administration, of course, can also make reports – across all recorded procedures, for the various types of concerns, according to product classes, key topics and more.

MAN Truck & Bus AG, with head-quarters in Munich, is the largest company within the MAN Group and one of the leading international commercial vehicle manufacturers.

What advantages are arising from the new solution as opposed to the “old world”?

We let BSI configure overviews for vehicles, customers, persons and their activity history specially to meet our needs. Users can thus quickly and comprehensively get an impression and subsequently come up with a solution that is appropriate for the customer.

Furthermore, a process was developed that considers the various situations in everyday business: with a balanced amount of mandatory entries that match our rules regarding the process and data completeness, and the possibility to involve additional people in the processing and solution finding. Additional information can also be optionally supplied for the procedure.

“We are pleased to receive positive feedback form users.”

Thomas Kornmann, CustomerCareCenter Project Manager

The entry fields are available to users in multiple languages. In intensive coordi- nation, we have ensured that all relevant data about customers, vehicles and contact partners is updated daily through interfaces in the CustomerCareCenter. This makes it possible to always handle processes with the latest master data.


Are further project steps planned?

We are pleased to receive positive feedback from users. These acknowledgments are a confirmation of our approach and, at the same time, motivation for the introduction to yet outstanding markets within the company. New functions and lessons learned during the rollout are flowing into future further developments.