BSI CRM at your service

To serve discreetly is the goal of every butler, as well as that of a good CRM system. It works diligently in the background without complaining. Processes are carried out day and night, data processed and handed to users on a silver platter. This frees users up to do more important things, such as building customer relations.

Extraordinary customer relations require committed employees and powerful tools. Volta Superbikes has both. Volta Superbikes is a fictitious company that sells powerful electric motorbikes. We invented it to demonstrate the future of customer service for you.

Vicky from Sales and Marta from Marketing both work with BSI CRM. They have set up the system so that it accomplishes as much of the work as possible. This means they can use their time efficiently, have lots of contact with customers and enjoy their work.

At a glance

Vicky sells motorbikes in the shop as well as on-site at customers. She begins her day with the work view in BSI CRM. There she can see what is pending: orders for “her” customers – both private and business customers – cases she would like to follow up on and planned visits. She works through the list task for task, and thereby keeps a step ahead of customer expectations.

In the News she sees at a glance which data records have been changed – and by whom. This pertains to data for individuals, companies and orders that has been updated, as well as new communications with customers, business cases and orders she is in charge of.

BSI CRM Indigo is beautiful, tidy and focused on the most important information. 360° views provide a rapid overview of customers and personal key figures.

Automatic data control

BSI CRM saves Vicky a lot of work. Her administrator defined rules in the rule engine. Customers who generated more than EUR 10,000 in sales in the last 12 months are segmented as “A” customers. Data quality is checked with another rule: Is there a C-level contact for each company? If not, BSI CRM creates a task for her. And if an order is marked as lost, BSI CRM sends her an e-mail.

A new (potential) customer? A fresh-caught lead? Feedback to a marketing action? Customer inquiry? One click is all it takes: Vicky can start a wide range of processes through the Assistant, because in BSI CRM issues can not only be handled in customer service, but any issue can be handled by any employee with guidance. Vicky is guided through the process step by step – easily, at lightning speed and BSI CRM makes sure that all data is captured.

Salesperson Vicky’s favorite functions include the intelligent number and date fields. They make data entering go like a Volta superbike: fast as lightning.
The landing pages are marketing specialist Marta’s favorite function in BSI CRM: They are quickly set up and extremely efficient. Through them customer feedback is routed to BSI CRM without her having to do anything.

Linked marketing procedures

Marta plans all marketing activities for Volta Superbikes and aims to address customers personally in a targeted manner. With BSI CRM, she can set up marketing actions so that they run autonomously and are linked together. She invites potential customers to test ride the new superbike by e-mail. Interested people sign up themselves on the landing page that Marta sets up for this purpose. The reactions – e.g. the desired race course – are automatically captured in BSI CRM; people assigned to the follow-up action. BSI CRM even sends the confirmation SMS as soon as the person has signed up.

High-quality leads for outbound

Marta also uses the marketing actions to hand leads over to outbound. The action creates business cases for the service team, including a dialogue script with the necessary information about the new bike and selects the appropriate processes. Links can be embedded in the dialog script or processes triggered, e.g. the modification of customer interests, dispatching of documentation, signing up for a test ride or even the capturing of people, organizations and orders.

Ensuring customer care

Marta also uses marketing actions to improve customer contact frequency. She searches all the customers who have purchased a bike in the past year, but who have not since been followed-up by the customer rep. Now Vicky and her sales colleagues receive a corresponding task in their inbox. Since Marta regularly and automatically carries out the action, the customers are well looked after.

What is new in BSI CRM Indigo?

With the Indigo release, BSI CRM not only received a completely new user interface in HTML5, but also many new functions: a global search, focus, deep linking, interactive charts and much more. More about the central innovations: