"We have our own definition for standard software: software that sets new standards."
Jens B Thuesen, Business Developer at BSI

Intelligent standard-related CRM solutions thanks to consultation by the supplier.

Each CRM challenge is as unique as the context in which it is embedded. And nevertheless there are often more parallels than differences between CRM projects at companies – especially when it comes to the desired functionality, processes and interfaces to be depicted and the introduction methodology.

CRM experts from BSI

Our CRM specialists bring many years of project and industry experience with them along as well as detailed knowledge of BSI CRM. They combine this knowledge with experience on processes, project methodology and IT architecture to assist you with your BSI CRM implementation project. If a requirement cannot be implemented with the standard product, then our specialists make simple, customer-specific adaptations – and let the know-how flow back into product development.

Intelligent detail work required?

Have you already defined the first four of Gartner's eight building blocks of CRM for your company: CRM vision, CRM strategy, valued customer experience and organizational collaboration? If so, then the operative tasks are next: CRM processes, CRM information, CRM technology and CRM metrics. Precisely here is where we can assist you with product-related support even before the project starts. And then accompany you right to roll-out.

With BSI CRM we offer you the right CRM technology. However, the introduction of CRM software alone does not necessarily lead to a successful establishment of the CRM philosophy in your company. Strong user acceptance requires intelligent tools; clever, customer-focused processes and just the right interfaces to peripheral systems. Our CRM experts are our translators. They accompany and technically guide our customers through the project and fine-tune their requirements to reach a common understanding.

We are product suppliers and integrators at the same time – each of our business experts is also a product specialist. In this way we guarantee intelligent standard-related implementations that precisely meet your requirements. 

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