“Experts from the industry confirm: with BSI CRM, we are the brand leader in the German-speaking insurance market.”
Oliver Hechler, BSI

BSI Insurance – Delight your customers and cultivate the relationship with your sales partners

Positive customer relationships and active sales partnerships are the most valuable asset an insurance company can have. A solid CRM system will ensure that you have both. We designed BSI Insurance specifically to meet the needs of insurance companies. It includes CRM processes such as end-to-end lead management as well as price setting, automated claims processing, and broker support.

However, making the internal processes of highly complex sales structures more efficient is not the only thing BSI Insurance does – it positively impacts your customers’ experiences as well! With intelligent links between your sales channels such as agencies and direct sales, you optimize your customers’ journeys and ensure positive customer experiences at every touchpoint. Don't wait – start digitizing your customer and broker relationships today.

A CRM system with insurance in its genes

With BSI Insurance, you get all the features you need for the consummate cultivation of customer relationships and the management of your sales partners along with the relevant processes. Thanks to comprehensive authorization functions, you can map even complex sales organizations. The 360 ° view is always at the center. The following nine highlights make BSI Insurance perfect for insurance companies:

  • A central customer interaction platform for all sales channels and company-internal departments such as customer service, sales partner service, and marketing
  • A consolidated 360 ° customer view incorporating all current, pricing, commission, and performance systems
  • A broker relationship management tool for broker support
  • Insurance-specific items such as images of insured objects or elementary products
  • Lead management, and sales planning and control to determine, set, and follow-up on growth targets Seizing of sales opportunities thanks to next best offer ads or the active management of third-party contracts
  • Collecting of acquisition data at the agency level and sharing only the data you want to share with the central office
  • Mapping of the insurance life cycle (quote, application, contract, cancellation)
  • Methodical processing of current customer concerns and automated claims processing between the central office and agencies thanks to insurance-specific processes

Relevant customer interactions – digital and analog

When you want to communicate with thousands of customers and want to make it feel personal at the same time, the devil is in the details. To address every customer at the right time with relevant content, personalized and individualized, on the proper channel – that calls for an integrated tool and appealing storytelling. BSI Insurance provides both by being linked to BSI Studio, our digitization platform.

From move to upgrade

Every change in a customer’s life opens up new opportunities to deepen the relationship – and increases your chance to position yourself as a service champion: Tap into the move to make a potential insurance sale. Analyze, for example, a customer’s new living situation and use it to determine your next best action – smartly supported by your CRM system.

Would you like to tap into more of this type of (life) situation to drive relevant customer interactions? If so, visit the Step Store, our powerful ecosystem, and let it inspire you.

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Make systematic use of customer data and your customers’ behavior

Smartphones and wearables are only the beginning of the digital revolution of data acquisition. New technological advances such as voice or gesture recognition or virtual reality link the real, everyday world with the digital one. And your CRM system has to be able to incorporate this new reality. Would you like to read more about the future of customer communications?

StudY Decoding Digital Marketing (german)

Making use of every sales opportunity

BSI Insurance offers features for all sales channels and sales phases. While showing the next best offer, event notices, or the active management of third-party contracts support the lead management for your current customers, the associated sales planning and management bolster the pursuit of growth targets. Last but not least, the systematized consultation process and management approach clearly simplify your work in sales.

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CRM processes for insurers

Ensuring high quality and promoting automation – these are only two of many reasons why you should use process management in CRM. A customer inquiry, an address change, a contract modification, a damage report – these are all business processes that start with structured processes and are then forwarded to the responsible teams for processing. At the same time, the initiator, such as the agency, is always able to provide information on the status of the processing to the customer.

The advantages of CRM processes

Complaints as an opportunity

Complaints that are satisfactorily resolved result in a high level of customer satisfaction and additional sales. With BSI Insurance, we offer:

  • BaFin-compliant reporting
  • The capture, prioritization, and classification of complaints
  • A complaint process with escalation management
  • The retrieval of additional processes such as partner changes

Professional complaint management

Three strong reasons for BSI

  1. BSI has insurance in its genes with BSI Insurance and BSI BRM.
  2. BSI has a strong insurance community and is close to industry trends.
  3. BSI has a coverage ratio of approximately 11%, measured by the born BBE of German insurers.