“The best Swiss inventions for happy customers? Vegetable peeler, pocket knife, BSI Health.”
Karlo Lovric, BSI

CRM for health insurance companies

BSI Health is the industry solution for health insurance companies.
This is proven not just by our references, but also by the following:

Digitalization of your customer relationship

BSI Health integrates all relevant customer data on a central platform.

  • Individual 360° view of private customers, corporate customers and service providers
  • Overview of all customer contacts and tasks
  • From the initial contact, through the offer and application process, to existing customers

Targeted campaigns

All partners (business or private customers) can be processed in various phases (from lead to existing customers) through integrated campaign management.

  • Import of address data from various sources
  • Duplicate checking of all address data
  • Automatic distribution of new leads to the agencies
  • Cross- and upselling for existing customers
  • Generation of tasks and deadlines

Intelligent process management

All customer-oriented business processes are orchestrated with BSI Health. Typical processes include:

  • Service information (for customers and service providers)
  • Address changes
  • Contract adjustments
  • Complaint management

Integration of all touchpoints

With BSI Health all the customers’ communication channels are integrated and text modules with process links are offered for each channel:

  • Agency visit
  • Phone, SMS
  • Correspondence (e-mail, letter, fax)
  • Social media (Twitter, Facebook)

Tried and tested standard interfaces

The integration of individual interfaces is our core competence. The following standard interfaces to the most important systems are delivered with BSI Health:

  • Core system: Adcubum Syrius (as of Version 3.0.4)
  • Offer system: Adcubum Syrius OA, Klick.net
  • Archive system: Filenet and others
  • Data warehouse: Various systems
  • Telephony: Various CTI and ACD systems, Swisscom Directories
  • Groupware: Outlook and Lotus Notes (people, appointments, tasks, e-mails)


BSI Health’s user interface is a modern, ergonomic Web interface that is pleasant in appearance and suited for use on the desktop, tablet and on smart phones.

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