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Banking know-how embodied in software

BSI Banking is the answer for banks when it comes to digitization of the customer relationship. The industry solution convinces with its 360 ° customer view, connection to the core banking system and flexible processes. Our software is perfectly matched to the regulatory requirements of the banking market. We help you to consistently implement a customer focus across all channels. BSI Banking in combination with BSI Studio supports you with the implementation of processes and automated customer journeys. This means greater efficiency and customer satisfaction. BSI Banking frees your customer reps up for the essential: excellent consulting.

Cross- and upselling in practice

Would you like to receive customer-specific sales and consultation tips? BSI Banking shows you the next best actions in the 360 ° view, such as indications of falling transaction volumes, upcoming maturity, an aborted application process, contract procedures – individually for each customer. Our BSI Studio marketing, automation and digitization platform supports you with smart customer journeys and the promotion of inhouse products. For tailored offers and consultation with greater relevance and higher conclusion rates in cross- and upselling.

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Profit from AI

Without machine learning, marketing automation and digitized processes lack intelligence. With this in mind, BSI Studio offers a machine learning engine and special steps that train neural networks. The “brains” support users while designing intelligent customer journeys and processes. They help you with the: 

  • recognition of customer concerns in incoming e-mails;
  • determination of the next best actions;
  • choice of the best channel and most promising point in time

Authentic 360 ° views

BSI Banking reads all the data in your system and displays them in real-time 360 ° views. Your internal and external systems are orchestrated: document scanning, credit checks, rules and scores from the core banking system, document archiving, and more – for completely digitized onboarding. All this as a guided process in BSI Banking, documented step by step, and with a 360 ° view of orders, status and customers.

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Digitize processes

Specific challenges, regulations and processes in the banking world? We know them! Through our many years of project experience with banks, we know how to depict processes in software. Users are guided through processes step by step so that all rules are adhered to. You can configure the processes yourself and change them at any time, or set up new ones – flexibly and quickly. For a rapid time-to-market.

Smart customer journeys

With the BSI Studio marketing automation platform you can easily digitize your customer relationships and processes without elaborate IT projects and major budget expense. BSI Studio lets you automate the customer dialog from lead handing to after sales. The software uses every data point from the CRM, ERP and analytics to intelligently design the customer journey. Together with BSI Banking, BSI Studio provides more individualized customer journeys and a powerful customer experience across all channels.

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Keeping an eye on KPIs

Ad hoc evaluations and clearly structured reporting are no problem with BSI Banking. Real-time control is possible with BSI Studio. You maintain an overview of your customer journeys and digitized processes. What is their status, how many participants are involved, where are things stuck? This places all essential KPIs at your disposal, enabling you to measure the success of your campaigns and processes.

Easily connect the core banking system

Integration of the core banking system is easy with BSI Banking. We connect to core banking systems such as Finnova and external systems including ZEK, CRIF, Creditreform and Schufa. The customer rep receives all data at a glance in the 360 ° view, is not tied to the complex interface of the core banking system and can intuitively navigate through the flexible, configurable processes.

Cloud? – for sure!

Have you already considered a cloud solution? Outsourcing processes to cloud applications offers many advantages. You can always use the latest version of the software and then only pay for as many users as you actually have. Data maintenance and processing in Switzerland or Germany are included in our cloud solutions. The on-site cloud also offers absolute data security: your data remains within your company. Software on-premise? That too, of course.

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Get a handle on regulatory requirements

VDSG (Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), BAIT (Bankaufsichtliche Anforderungen an die IT – Bank supervisory requirements for IT) and other regulatory requirements present major challenges to banks in the areas of data protections and security. It is good know that BSI Banking contains well-conceived GDPR functionalities. This offers you complete confidence that you are meeting the current requirements and can concentrate on your core business unconcerned. BSI Studio: privacy by design. Special steps such as “Advertising block” and “Forget” help you adhere to the regulations. In this way, you can design GDPR-conforming customer journeys that easily adapt to your data protection strategy.

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Mission customer satisfaction

Complaints are a stroke of luck for banks. They help discover errors in processes, assist with the improvement of products and to simplify what is complicated. And at the same time, a complaint is also an opportunity: a properly solved complaint leads to customer satisfaction, greater loyalty and higher repeat business rates. Our software solutions, such BSI Banking, BSI Studio and BSI Contact Center support you with professional complaint management.

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Satisfied customers for more than 10 years

We have put our banking knowhow to the test in numerous projects completed over the past 10 years. More than 15 satisfied financial institutions as customers, a motivated and competent banking project team, power partners and a banking community for exchanging experiences and discussing current trends speak for themselves. How can we support you?

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Study: The customer dialog of the future

Digitization is fundamentally changing the banks’ traditional business model. Central to this change are automated processes that not only enable greater efficiency and cost savings, but which particularly make possible a more precise personalization of contents. The technological foundation and customer expectations towards financial institutions are changing. With this in mind, BSI hired the W.I.R.E. think tank to research the future of the customer dialog.

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