BSI Software for your industry

BSI CRM and BSI Studio are our standard solutions, which dynamically adapt to the requirements of your customer management with flexible configuration and optional industry templates with classic CRM functions and onboarding, double opt-in and omni-channel. BSI CRM, BSI Studio and the industry solutions are being constantly further developed – together with our customers and industry experts. Our goal: to provide the best software for every industry through digitalized customer relationships and continuous customer journeys.



Whether for retail banking or private banking, asset management or a credit institution: BSI Banking meets the challenges of the banking business – e.g. creditworthiness checking, onboarding, regulations and strict, predefined processes. Customer advisors, marketing and customer service receive a 360° customer view, including portfolios, products, inquiries, marketing actions, transactions data, customer scores, creditworthiness data and limits. 

Heath insurance companies

BSI Health supports health insurances with touchpoint integration, standard interfaces and intelligent process control; because good service and consistent customer orientation bring competitive advantages. With the industry solution based on BSI CRM, you digitalize the customer relationship and receive a 360° customer view. You can exchange ideas and help design the software in our Health Community.

Insurance companies

Whether for a direct, broker-based, banking or cooperation company: BSI Insurance is the optimal insurance software. The proof is in the many insurance company customers that use our software and appreciate our industry know-how. In our lively customer community we discuss not only topics that are currently relevant for the industry, but also further develop the “Insurance” industry template. 


BSI Retail is the most innovative CRM solution for retailers, mail order businesses and e-commerce on the market. The combination of POS software, order management software, couponing, loyalty, customer service and classic CRM is unique and has been distinguished with multiple awards. It combines online and offline, integrates all channels, including stores, and facilitates continuous processes. 

Life science

BSI offers software to meets all the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry: from CRM to clinical trials (CTMS) and patient recruitment planning; suitable for pharmaceutical companies, medical technology, clinics, study centers, CRO and chemical companies. Our many years of experience mean that we know the legal and technical requirements, and have a product that we constantly further develop with our customers. 

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Credit cards & payment services

From issuing to acquiring and enabling: for credit card issuing, payment services as well as physical and virtual payment terminals – BSI provides a guided, digital onboarding process, including creditworthiness and risk checking. Our customers appreciate the uniform processes and the holistic customer care approach – for partners and end-customers; from account management to customer service.

Media & advertising

Publishers, media companies and advertising space marketers need an overview and efficiency – for planning, booking, media management, agency and partner management. Software from BSI supplies the right tools:

  • Interfaces to advertisement management
  • Multi-client-capability
  • Integrated call center (inbound, outbound)


Whether for manufacturers, importers, dealers, suppliers, vehicle fleets or car rentals: software from BSI gets the entire value creation chain rolling.

  • Maintenance of private customers, corporate customers, dealers and partners
  • Key account management
  • Offers, conditions and framework agreements
  • Interfaces (vehicle configurator, Eurotax, etc.)

Telecoms & internet

Private and corporate customer management, tailor-made products, inquiries answered quickly and efficiently: software from BSI delivers clarity with 360° views and efficiency thanks to customized loyalty programs and marketing activities.

  • Couponing & loyalty
  • Self-service data maintenance
  • Integrated call center (inbound, outbound)

Transport & logistics

BSI combines efficient logistics processes with an effective customer dialogue: for package services, logistic companies, cargo and freight companies on rails, roads and in the air.

  • All customer and dispatch data
  • For B2B and B2C
  • Integration of outsourcing partners
  • Counter and branch solutions including call center

Industry & B2B

Multinational companies, many languages, complex corporate structures, key account management, external sales and buying center in a single solution? Yes! BSI CRM is also a B2B champion:

  • Multilingual and multi-client-capable
  • Mobile & interactive presentation mode
  • Strategic selling & offer management
  • Reports about all data in real time