The BSI Hamburg office Die Kulturhauptstadt Deutschlands

The “young and untamed” work at the BSI office in Hamburg. Due to the office’s small size, entrepreneurial thinking is a critical state of mind for everyone working there.

Every team member is part of the idea engine and can influence the office’s path with their input. Most of the BSI staffers in Hamburg work on CX projects and are at the forefront of every innovation.


The Team

The twelve BSI employees at the office value their lunches and coffee breaks together. Since the team is not very large yet, everyone knows each other well, and it is easy to do things together before or after work.


A run along the Alster River

The Hamburg office has frequent game nights where staffers play mainly pen-and-paper games such as Dungeons & Dragons and classic board games.
Avid athletes do not miss out either: A running group meets regularly for runs along the Alster River.

Spiel und Spass in Hamburg

Shawarma or a croque sandwich?

Hamburg offers an enormous variety in culinary terms. Italian, Thai, French or traditional German cuisine – there is something for everyone. And thanks to local delivery services, almost everything can be ordered and delivered to the office.
Special delicacies are croque sandwiches and mouth-watering shawarma from the Lebanese restaurant right around the corner. Both places are within walking distance, and staffers can pick up their lunches there and then eat them outside in nature.

Essen in Hamburg

Modern technology and a central location

The Hamburg office is located right by the U-Wartenau subway station. It is a mere five minutes away from the Landwehr streetcar station, making it easy to take public transportation to get to the office. If a staffer needs a bike, rental bikes are stationed right in front of the office. All workspaces are outfitted with the latest technology. There is also no shortage of whiteboards and creative spaces at the Hamburg office.


Endless cultural activities

Hamburg is Germany’s cultural capital with its many theater and musical performances and movie theaters and concerts. In addition, the Reeperbahn, the well-known nightlife district, offers something for everyone.
The proximity to the Alster and Elbe rivers, the many green spaces and the good infrastructure all contribute to Hamburg’s high quality of life.

Stadt Hamburg

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Benjamin Heusser, Software Engineer and Manager of the Hamburg Office