The BSI Düsseldorf office A view of the harbor

The ultra-modern BSI office in Düsseldorf is located in the trendy neighborhood by the port. Its dynamic mix of younger and more experienced employees facilitates a wide variety of roles and projects. Düsseldorf combines big-city benefits with a small-town character.

On warm summer evenings, the sunny patio at the Düsseldorf office or the nearby banks of the Rhine river are inviting spaces for team members to enjoy a cool beer after work or have a “grill & chill.”


The Team

The team members in Düsseldorf are particularly versatile and cover all areas: Whether you need help in a specialist or technical area, or are looking for a project manager or a sales genius. At the Düsseldorf office, you get all the help you need.


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The right activities for everyone

Athletic activities are an integral part of the weekly schedule – there is a running group and a bouldering group at the BSI office.
The “Sneak Preview” is on the schedule every Monday for movie buffs, where team members watch previously unreleased movies at local movie theaters.
Another regular event is the office game night on the first Thursday of every month, where staffers play mainly board and card games.


Delicacies from all over the world

Like all BSI offices, Düsseldorf offers any number of food options: There are salad bars, burger restaurants, Asian and Mexican specialties, pizzerias and much more.
Every Friday, BSI employees start the workday together by having an abundant breakfast, which the individual tasked with organizing gets from the local baker. During the breakfast, the team discusses current topics.


A unique ambiance in a former grain silo

The Düsseldorf office is located in the heart of the Medienhafen neighborhood in a building that is a converted grain silo, whose grain funnels give the building a unique ambiance to this day. Thanks to local streetcars and regional trains, it is easy to get from the office to the main train station and the airport. At the same time, the streets around the office are relatively quiet, making the commute to work by car a relaxed affair.


Pulsating with life

With the longest bar in the world, quiet streets along the Rhine river and a wide range of cultural activities with cinemas, theaters and much more, Düsseldorf offers something for everyone.


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Would you like more information about our Düsseldorf office or about working at BSI? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Verena Kuhr, Requirements Engineer and Manager of the Düsseldorf Office