The BSI Darmstadt office The friendly university town

BSI’s Darmstadt office is right by the main train station. The swimming lake, the city garden next to the building and the many green spaces are all attractive places for a leisurely picnic lunch.

Besides work, the team at the Darmstadt office also organizes the occasional wacky internal activity. An example is the office mini-golf challenge, where an actual mini-golf course was set up throughout the office one year for Christmas.


The Team

There are currently 23 team members at the office working on large, small and very diverse projects. Since most of the relationships with customers have existed for a number of years, they are cordial and close.


Virtual Tour

For sports-loving employees and gamers

Like at all BSI offices, there is a strong focus on sports at the Darmstadt office. It has both badminton and bouldering groups that meet weekly.

For those staffers less interested in athletic pursuits, the office holds game evenings with pen-and-paper games or classic board games. During the pandemic, the Darmstadt team continued to play these games online.


Tasty delicacies

In Darmstadt, you can get pretty much any food. Since the office is centrally located by the main train station, many restaurants and take-out places are nearby. One thing not to miss in Darmstadt is a savory currywurst meal at Braustübl restaurant. On Fridays, the entire Darmstadt team gathers for a breakfast of croissants and other foods to discuss current topics.


Lots of space

The Darmstadt office has bright, spacious and air-conditioned workspaces with height-adjustable desks. It is spacious, and like at all BSI offices, there are unassigned workspaces here that team members from other BSI offices can use.


An oasis of well-being in the heart of Germany

Darmstadt stands for science and research, art, culture and Art Nouveau.
As one of the prospering economic centers in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main metropolitan region, Darmstadt is the friendly, smaller big city in the heart of Germany, surrounded by lots of green spaces.


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Contact BSI Darmstadt

Would you like more information about our Darmstadt office or about working at BSI? I would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Birgit Körschgen, Software Engineer and Manager of the Darmstadt Office

+49 61 514 935 414