WIR Bank manages customer relationships with BSI Banking

BSI CRM in the banking field

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Banking

WIR Bank, founded in 1934, is modernizing and deploying BSI Banking in its customer service. The goal is to acquire new customers, to strengthen the network and to boost competitiveness through automated processes.

Claudio Gisler, WIR Bank

With BSI Banking, WIR Bank is using a the industry solution of BSI CRM for banks that covers all areas including new customer acquisition, customer service and marketing.

 “We were convinced by the comprehensiveness of the bank-specific requirements and the high degree of integration,” stated Claudio Gisler, Head of Product and Channel Management and Member of Management at WIR Bank cooperative.

Customer representatives, the consultation center, marketing and the background teams such as the back office and compliance will use BSI Banking throughout the company for an optimal customer experience. A total of 200 employees shall work with the CRM solution. They will particularly profit from the simple, user-friendly user interface and the clearly laid out 360° customer view. In marketing, WIR Bank aims for improvements and simplifications while conducting multilevel and addressee-targeted campaigns.

“Information for the customer representatives are the key to beneficial customer experiences.”

Claudio Gisler, WIR Bank

Goals of customer relationship management

Claudio Gisler considers simplified, coordinated, automated and digital end-to-end processes to be among the most important goals of the CRM solution. In addition, WIR Bank is building the CRM so that it assists customers in generating more business by having the system making appropriate recommendations regarding potential customers and suppliers.

“With BSI Banking we are establishing the basis for data analyses, business intelligence and artificial intelligence.”

Claudio Gisler, WIR Bank

An addition goal is to enable SMEs to conduct business more intensively within the WIR business network. “Our new CRM solution from BSI provides us with the necessary information,” stated Claudio Gisler.


  • 360° view: uniform system for marketing, new customer acquisition, care of existing customers and the network
  • Meeting of all regulatory standards 
  • Automation through digital end-to-end processes 

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