BSI CRM & BSI Contact Center for Viseca

Company-wide CRM tool, including the call center

Product: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Financial institutions

With over one million credit card customers, Viseca Card Services Ltd. is one of Switzerland’s leading card issuers. Viseca offers a broad range of products based on the world’s foremost card brands, MasterCard and Visa.

An Aduno Group company, wholly owned by a consortium of leading Swiss banks, Viseca offers the entire range of services needed to cover cashless payment transactions. Since 2009, Viseca uses BSI CRM. After a successful launch in the back office the CRM tool is now used company-wide, including the call center.

“The users liked the tool immediately.”

Stefan Kämpfer, Head Business Management & Production, Aduno Group


  • Flexible, scalable CRM platform for the whole group
  • Depiction of many different processes and complex product structures
  • Depiction of legally regulated testing processes
  • Flexible process control: the Process Wizard guides staff through work steps predefined for specific processes – firm or open, depending on requirements
  • Efficiency and quality gains: qualitatively better order entry and significantly reduced training efforts and costs
  • Complex authorization logic
  • Integration of partner banks and distribution partners
  • All employees and external Service providers use the same processes
  • Modern technology thanks to SOA (service-oriented architecture)
  • Joint development: Collaboration between BSI and the development team at Aduno

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