Eclipse Scout for RID

Software to document the medical-therapeutic data

Product: Eclipse Scout | Industry: Insitutes & administration

The Dutch Institute for Dyslexie RID is specialized in the research and treatment of reading disabilities among children. A total of 130 psychologists and remedial teachers support young clients with individual and highly-specialized therapies aimed at making reading a pleasure. The research team continuously monitors the success of the respective therapies, also in cooperation with universities around the globe. 

The IT Manager at RID, Bertin Kiekebosch, is responsible for database applications and an experienced developer. At RID, he is also implementing the software for documenting medical-therapeutic data as well as information relevant for insurance purposes. When he joined RID he found wide ranging, and hence expensive, system diversity; he consequently decided to standardize the applications. The solutions available in the market were too expensive for the non-profit organization, so the IT expert decided to program the RID software himself. The open source framework Eclipse Scout drew his attention in the course of Internet research. Wanting to learn more about Scout and the initiators, as well as the team behind them, he traveled to the EclipseCon in Ludwigsburg.

“The decision to establish a uniform standard for our applications represented a major step for the RID. That's why I wanted to get to know the team and its goals, and to get a sense of its spirit to make sure that this was something serious in terms of sustainability. As soon as I met the team in Ludwigsburg, I was sure that Scout was the right choice for our organization,” said Bertin Kiekebosch, looking back.

Shortly thereafter, an employee tested Scout for a simple accounting system. Convinced by the architecture, Bertin Kiekebosch, decided to use Scout as a platform for RID's software. That was at the end of 2011.

“Everything’s possible in Scout.”

Bertin Kiekebosch, RID

Since then, Bertin Kiekebosch has programmed the medical information system on a Scout basis, which, in addition to appointments, reports, patient data and therapies, also encompasses all billing and insurance data and the entire planning. Moreover, Bertin Kiekebosch has already upgraded the calendar field and shared it with the Scout community.

His previous experience with multi-tier environments makes Bertin Kiekebosch appreciative of the Scout framework, especially the three layers, along with its efficiency and stability. “Scout applications can be simply connected to any database. We were able to use it to produce stable business software very quickly. This enabled us to rapidly convince the company management that we can make fast progress inexpensively with Scout. Its flexibility and productively are among the major advantages when it comes to developing applications with Scout.”

“Scout applications can be simply connected to any database. We were able to use it to produce stable business software very quickly.”

Bertin Kiekebosch, RID


  • One man show: Stable business software was produced by an experienced programmer with minimal effort.
  • One to many: The Scout calendar field was enhanced by RID and contributed back to the Scout community.
  • One-stop shop: The IT and controlling departments were convinced by Scout’s efficiency and stability