ÖKK orchestrates customer care with BSI CRM

360° customer view and continuous processes

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Insurance companies

The insurance company ÖKK, which is active throughout Switzerland, is optimizing its customer care with BSI CRM. The entire lead process will now be orchestrated with BSI CRM. Sales staff profits from a straightforward 360° customer view and continuous processes.

Business and private customer support have been separate at ÖKK till now. “We seek to gain a comprehensive customer view with the introduction of BSI CRM. The aim is to enhance the quality of our support and products, while improving the processes. In this way we can also meet the future requirements of our customers in terms of quality and speed,” explained Mario Theus, Market Division Manager and Member of the Executive Board at ÖKK. 

“The aim is to enhance the quality of our support and products, while improving the processes.”

Mario TheusÖKK

ÖKK building in Lanquart

Integrated lead process

With BSI CRM this steadily growing company intends to boost operational efficiency while lowering administration costs at the same time. Mario Theus also anticipates improved customer care and development with the fully integrated lead processes: “The main process will be orchestrated through BSI CRM, from the initiation of customer contact, to the offer and processing, to the downstream activities,” according to Mario Theus. “Centrally inbound leads will be automatically routed to the right agency.”

Custom-fit standard

BSI CRM was chosen after a comprehensive evaluation. On the one hand, BSI is a tried and tested standard solution for insurance companies. While on the other, a variety of existing, isolated tools can be replaced with BSI CRM. Another important criterion for choosing BSI was also the possibility to deeply integrate BSI CRM in the Adcubum Syrius core insurance system. BSI had the advantage here as an experienced partner with specific insurance expertise and notable references from the insurance field.”


  • Web-based user interface in BSI CRM Indigo
  • Central 360° customer view for optimized private and business customer care
  • Word and Outlook integration
  • Dynamic visualizations

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