BSI Contact Center & BSI Insurance for Münchener Verein

Products: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Insurance companies

After successfully launching BSI Insurance for direct sales in 2014, the CRM solution is now also available to the approximately 450 agency members of Münchener Verein (MV) across Germany in early 2018. The goal is the digitization of the entire sales process to optimize the customer service, build targeted customer engagement strategies, and facilitate a consistent customer experience.

With BSI Insurance, MV's agencies now benefit from a central 360° view of their customers plus their customer history. This contributes to customized and efficient customer service and to an increase in the cross-sell and upsell rate. BSI Insurance is multi-tenant capable, and smart authorization logic ensures access to the relevant data.

“The launch of our MV customer relationship management system represents an important milestone on the path to the digitization of our sales process.”

Dr. Martin Zsohar, COO at MÜNCHENER VEREIN

The complaint management meets all the legal requirements. With this standard product for insurance companies, MV is replacing its in-house development, reducing maintenance requirements and strengthening its sales orientation. BSI Insurance covers the entire offer and application process, lead management, the 360° view and complaint management. The CRM solution has also been deployed in marketing where it will increase offer management efficiency and boost sales through robust promotional campaigns.


  • Digitization of the entire sales process
  • Enhanced information exchange with central data storage and shared front end
  • Targeted offer management
  • Boosting of the black box processing rate and improvement of administrative efficiency
  • Guided processes from receipt of the application to policy issuing
  • Complaint management meets all legal requirements
  • Connection to the partner system for direct sales and the cooperation business

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