BSI Contact Center & BSI Insurance for Münchener Verein

Clear 360° customer view, guided processes and optimized administrative efficiency

Products: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Insurance companies

MÜNCHENER VEREIN (MV) looks after its customers with BSI Insurance. With the CRM solution for insurance companies, the insurance group has a clear 360° customer view, guided processes and optimized administrative efficiency.

Moreover, the insurance company is enhancing its customer orientation and service quality. In addition to staff in the Direct Sales Call Center, MV employees in the service division also work with BSI Insurance.

“Even the connection to the former partner systems, including those for direct sales and the cooperation business, was accomplished smoothly with BSI Insurance.”

Dr. Martin Zsohar, COO at MÜNCHENER VEREIN

The complaint management meets all the legal requirements. With this standard product for insurance companies, MV is replacing its in-house development, reducing maintenance requirements and strengthening its sales orientation. BSI Insurance covers the entire offer and application process, lead management, the 360° view and complaint management.


  • Boosting of the black box processing rate and improvement of administrative efficiency
  • Guided processes from receipt of the application to policy issuing
  • Complaint management meets all legal requirements
  • Connection to the partner system for direct sales and the cooperation business

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