"The telecommunications market is complicated enough. All the more reason why we love the simplicity of BSI CRM."
Lina Vielberth, M-net

BSI CRM for M-net

Flexible CRM solution for customer communication and service center

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: IT & telecommunication

The telecommunications provider M-net offers fixed network-based communication services through cellular phone networks on through to complex standard networks from a portfolio tailored to the communication requirements of business and private customers.

The constant growth at all ten locations compelled M-net to reconsider its communications center and service management infrastructure. In addition, a CRM tool was to be made available for the above-mentioned departments, as well as their sales and marketing departments. Different solutions were previously used for customer contact management at each location, which ultimately provided to be a Sisyphus task in terms of maintenance and integration with the central billing system and other peripheral systems. To compound the problem, some CRM solutions had already met their growth limits. 

With BSI CRM in use for customer communications and the communications center, M-net can guarantee the necessary flexibility.

“In contrast to our competitors, as a smaller provider we offer our customers the flexibility they want. With BSI CRM we have made the right choice.”

Hans-Jürgen Gerdum, M-net


With BSI CRM, a cross-location and departmental CRM was developed at M-net. The billing system and the ERP remained in place while the existing CRM system was replaced.

  • A majority of the communications between the departments takes place through tickets.
  • Clear documentation about the contact history and processing status.
  • Communications center, technical, sales and marketing in a single system.
  • Reduced access rights for external communications and service providers. 

Added value for the customer

M-net profits from a unified system that can grow along with the company.

  • Significant time-savings and avoidance of communications errors through the use of tickets.
  • Reduced training costs among employees in the respective departments through standard guided processes.
  • Flexible, fast and competent reaction to the customer boosts customer loyalty.