BSI CRM for Holcim

The stadardized European CRM solution for Holcim

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Industry

The building materials manufacturer Holcim integrated its customer data management using a CRM solution standardized throughout Europe, which is based on BSI CRM.

Clients are able to order with "their" Account Manager no matter in which country they are and which product the would like to buy. Decentralized and unintegrated data bases have been replaced. The new CRM was enrolled step by step in 7 country subsidiaries with a duration of 2 to 3 months for each project. This was also due to short training time spans of only 2 days per user.

“After the introduction of CARE in seven European countries, the application is helping to systemize the sales process in Europe and to strengthen customer relationships.”

Sandra Berger, Business Expert Project Manager at Holcim EMEA


  • Sales and marketing are networked together via BSI CRM. 
  • Customers can purchase cross-nationally and departmentally from a single Holcim representative.
  • The salesperson can create an offer directly in BSI CRM, including all prices, discounts and conditions. An interface with the SAP system facilitates the data exchange. If a customer accepts an offer, it is transferred per mouse-click to the ERP software and executed by the plant. 
  • 360 degree reporting view for executives
  • Interfaces to 30 peripheral systems

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