BSI CRM for Hermes

CRM solution for deliveries to end customers in B2C and C2C sectors


Product: BSI CRM, BSI Contact Center | Industry: Transport & logistics

Most CRM initiatives originate in sales or marketing and are stringently implemented step by step through the company on into the contact center. This is not the case at Hermes Logistik Gruppe Deutschland where the CRM philosophy originated in the contact center and grew from there.

The conceptual cornerstone was laid back in 2007 by a project team headed by Michael Barbarino, Division Manager Customer Service. Today, Germany’s largest private logistics service provider with deliveries to end customers (B2C and C2C sectors) uses BSI CRM throughout the company.

 “In this way we create transparency and continuity of customer data and are better prepared to provide information.”

Michael Barbarino, Customer Service Department Head at Hermes Logistik


  • Company-wide CRM system that covers all customer segments and forms an interface between the customer and the logistics system
  • Consolidation of all information in a 360° view: Hence it is possible to cover all service, from order receipt to dispatch information, from provision of an alternative shipping address to routing the package to the PaketShop
  • Covering the entire value creation chain, from sales and marketing, to customer service
  • 59 branch offices are connected and have complete access
  • Go-Live while running operations: During the entire switchover, operations and customer services continued working unabated

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