BSI CRM as central hub for customer relationship processes at Hanseatic Bank

Strategic digitalization of customer care

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Banking 

Hanseatic Bank is a private bank active throughout Germany with headquarters in Hamburg. It offers individual financing solutions to its customers and partners in its core business fields of investments, real-estate related private loans, credit cards, insurance and factoring. Particularly with its innovative credit card products, Hanseatic Bank provides flexible financing models for every sales channel and an effective customer loyalty building tool. This is where Hanseatic Bank seeks to extend its position as one of the leading providers.

“BSI brings in-depth industry knowhow in the banking and call center sectors.”

Daniel Schröder, Hanseatic Bank

In this context, Hanseatic Bank has launched a strategic digitalization project. BSI CRM serves as a hub for the digitalization of customer care. The integrated bank solution enables a central customer view and seamless customer service across all segments and channels.

The introduction of BSI CRM is part of the strategic project to digitalize customer care at Hanseatic Bank. This shall accelerate the digital transformation and the transformation from a classic bank structure to an agile organization. The initiative is being pursued at the top management level and is supported across all teams. A holistic customer focus shall be reached in the credit service, collection departments, as well as in sales and marketing in the future, in addition to a holistic customer focus, a higher degree of automation and an optimized design of the customer journey.

“Process guidance and the central customer view will enable us to be able to process customer concerns even better and in a more targeted manner.”

Nicole Melson, Hanseatic Bank


  • 360° customer view
  • Integration of all channels
  • Connection to the core systems
  • Higher degree of automation through harmonized digital processes
  • CRM-based routing
  • Cross-departmental CRM usage (field sales, claims management, credit service, marketing)
  • Intelligently specified up- and cross-selling suggestions

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