Purely configurative cloud solution at BPN

BSI CRM now also speaks Russian, Mongolian and Spanish

BPN, the Swiss foundation for the promotion of entrepreneurs, has chosen BSI CRM for use in six countries. BPN uses the BSI’s purely configurative CRM solution from the cloud in five languages to look after their donors, corporate sponsors and entrepreneurs.

BPN chose BSI CRM based on its user-friendliness, configurability, the cloud solution, and data storage in Switzerland. The Swiss foundation also appreciated the price-performance ratio as well as the professional approach, solution orientation and the real interest of the BSI Team.

“If every BPN employee can gain just an hour in efficiency each month through the use of BSI CRM, then the system will have already paid for itself.”

Max BertschmannMember of the Executive Board and Head of Marketing & Fundraising at BPN

In addition to German, English and Spanish, the BPN CRM also speaks Russian and Mongolian, and is used as a purely configurative cloud solution in six BPN countries (Nicaragua, Rwanda, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia and Switzerland).

BPN: Commitment with impact

Identifying and promoting growth-oriented entrepreneurs has been the goal of BPN for 20 years. With local teams, the Swiss foundation has taken on the task of strengthening the middle class on site in Nicaragua, Rwanda, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia through motivated entrepreneurs who seek to foster growth and create jobs. BPN's commitment has already produced 1,459 workshops and seminars, promoted 1,265 entrepreneurs and generated 23,335 jobs. Many BPN entrepreneurs have since become the best in their industries within their countries. You can learn more about BPN's impact investments and corporate sponsorships at www.bpn.ch


  • Purely configurative cloud solution
  • Used in six countries, in five languages
  • Automated training and event management
  • A holistic view of companies and sponsors increases efficiency

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