Higher performance and improved usability

Product: BSI CRM, BSI Studio | Industry: Media & advertising

The Swiss market leader in outdoor advertising guarantees good products and services for its customers and reliability for its partners. APG works in a decentralized manner together with a distributed network of advertising agencies that reserve advertising space with APG customer representatives.

Appointments, e-mails, phone messages, tasks and contact history were previously noted by the APG customer representatives in a variety of IT systems or on paper notes. This data was then lost when employees left the company, while reporting was only possible with a great deal effort, which led to the company missing out on sales opportunities.

APG has used BSI CRM since 2006 to boost the quality of its customer care as well as to increase sales productivity. The basic framework of the new CRM system was already in place in just a few weeks; offering further advantages for APG:

  • Project costs were kept under control thanks to the fixed-price offer.
  • Rapid introduction and a high level of acceptance among staff.
  • Gain in efficiency for daily routines thanks to central data storage.
  • Expandability and new applications as well as new clients are all possible.

«BSI understands our needs and requirements and always finds the right solutions.»

Hansruedi StammChief CRM Officer APG|SGA


The project team, consisting of IT and process experts from APG and BSI, evaluated and revised all the existing processes. The Opportunity Management module in BSI CRM was adapted to meet the needs of APG and reporting was simplified.

  • Depiction of the entire complex customer network, including multilevel agent relationships
  • Comprehensive, cross-channel contact management, including synchronization with Outlook
  • Entering of visit goals for external sales staff
  • Offline capability for use by 100 consultants
  • Integration of media and advertising data from Mediafocus (institution type, inter-media data, credit rating, legal form, ABC rating, advertising budget, etc.)
  • Capturing and planning options for the poster market (poster format, product type, region, booking type, etc.).
  • Entering and planning options for the poster market (poster format, product type, region, booking type, etc.).
  • Opportunity management with precise coordination with the media market
  • Strategic selling (capture plan and SWOT analysis according to Miller Heiman)
  • Creation of customized offers per mouse-click
  • Integration of various APG-specific templates for the creation of memos, invoice corrections, poster enquiries, etc.
  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) based on J2EE: Interface to the ERP system implemented through a Web service
  • Adaptations and upgrades by APG specialists using simple configuration and parameterization (short time-to-market)
  • Guided processes including all relevant links
  • Use for marketing purposes and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Automated work steps through linking the APG reservation system with BSI CRM

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