Agrisano looks after customers with BSI CRM

Optimization and enhanced efficiency of comprehensive insurance consultation

Product: BSI CRM | Industry: Insurance company

Agrisano, the health insurance company for farmers, is introducing BSI CRM to the insurance division of the Agrisano Foundation.

While in the past, a fragmented system landscape hindered the comprehensive customer view, Agrisano now uses a central solution for the 18 regional offices in Switzerland the Agrisano headquarters in Windisch.

“Our goal is to support the entire insurance consultation with BSI CRM.”

Hanspeter Flückiger, Head of Insurance at Agrisano.

In addition to integration of the consultation tool, the insurance company is also using the procedural support provided by BSI CRM and simplifying its lead process and lead management.

“We can save costs and time by purchasing the standard solution.”

Hanspeter Flückiger, Head of Insurance at Agrisano.


  • 360° customer view: Improving consultation and increasing efficiency.
  • Digitalization: Integration of the process of the regional offices in headquarters’ processes.
  • Central CRM software: Contact, tasks, complaint and lead management and more, are depicted in one solution.

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