For award-winning customer experience: BSI Studio
For award-winning customer experience:
BSI Studio

Customer Experience (CX) in the boardroom!

Customer experience (CX) today belongs at the very top of the priority list of every company, because the battle for the end customer has heated up again. As a marketing leader, you seek to impress every dialog partner, a want that is increasingly becoming a must. In a world in which the next offer is just a click away and where digital newcomers are pushing into markets, customers are no longer willing to accept a weak customer experience. Those who seek to conquer Generations Y and Z, must know how to use data as a success factor. The goal may be clear, but the path to it is complex: successful customer experience management begins at each individual touchpoint and is shown in powerful customer journeys.

What is necessary for a good customer experience?

  1. Place the spotlight on the customer experiences: Only those who deliver more than what is promised elicit enthusiasm. This individual experience must be actively designed. This requires intelligent tools such as BSI Studio.
  2. Know and optimize your own touchpoints: Each touchpoint contributes to the experience. This makes it all the more important to know your own touchpoints, to design them consistently and to actively orchestrate them.
  3. Customer data creates relevance: No intelligent, personalized approach is possible without good customer data. Data today comes from a variety of sources. This makes it all the more important to merge it centrally and to monitor the quality.
  4. Manage customer journeys: Customer journey management is more than just the optimization of individual touchpoints. It involves telling stories across silos and channels, of generating experiences that are retained.
  5. Recognize pain points and use complaints as opportunities: Particularly when customers report problems to companies, they can score points with the right reaction. A simple and pleasant solution contributes to a positive customer experience.
  6. Make customers happy in moments of truth: Only if every touchpoint is optimally designed and if the customer journey functions as a whole, are customers truly satisfied with a company's services. Professional expectation management helps here.
  7. Use customer data intelligently: Observe, experiment and improve: needed for success measurements and for the optimization of customer journeys is the analysis of indices, such as the conversion rate or NPS.
  8. Provide award-winning customer experiences: The objective: to provide a customer experience that is as exciting as a thriller and which evokes emotions like a love story. With BSI Studio, the customer experience software, award-winning customer journeys can be designed and automatically experience… run the film!

Manage the customer experience with BSI Studio

May we introduce BSI Studio? With our new BSI Studio customer experience software you have at your disposal a tool to consistently assume the customer perspective of your company. Analyze and design every interaction with your dialog partners in order to impress them. Watch the film and discover BSI Studio... and action!

The intuitively operable BSI Studio customer experience software enables you to:

  1. Design, execute and automate individual customer journeys
  2. Identify and integrate appropriate online and offline touchpoints
  3. Create personalized content and play it at the right time
  4. React to behaviors and preferences in real time
  5. Evaluate the customer experience and optimize the customer journey

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25% of customers turn away from a company after just one bad customer experience.

Source: Executive Briefing, McKinsey Quarterly



“Decoding Digital Marketing” study

The digital tornado transforms marketing and communication at high speed. At the heart of this change are automated processes that enable efficiency and increasingly precise personalization of messages. The role of marketing: the orchestration of digital strategies for companies. This also requires a critical analysis of the effective potential of new technologies. Not everything that can be digitized has to be digitized. Data is not the new gold per se, only if it brings benefits for customers or society. In cooperation with BSI, the think tank W.I.R.E. embarked on a project lasting several months in search of answers to the future of digital marketing.

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From information to insights thanks to data management

You want to address your customers individually, exactly at the right time, and with topics that are relevant to them. Thanks to an integrated data landscape and sustainable data quality, this is possible. The foundation for a convincing customer experience is laid.

Many touchpoints – a consistent company image

Whether for a website, online ads, customer service or shop staff, interactions at the touchpoint determine how you are perceived by (potential) customers. Consistency in touchpoint design is key to a positive customer experience.

Customer journey directors create award-winning experiences

Accompany customers at every step along the purchase process: Successful story directors actively design the customer experience; cleverly steer the path through the preferred touchpoint and integrate these in a cross-silo manner.

Step Store
The shop for award-winning
customer experience
Step Store
The Step Store as a strong ecosystem in BSI Studio offers everything needed to create an award-winning customer experience: steps, intelligent customer journeys, attractive templates, inspiring workshops. The Step Store assortment is constantly growing with the aim of offering the right customer journey for every industry and countless life events. This enables you to reach customers right where they are.

Complaints are a feast for creating a positive customer experience

Particularly when customers complain, companies can score points with the right reaction. Everything can be done right, and also wrong here. Offering the customer a pleasant solution contributes to the customer experience.

Impress customers, don't bind them – the path to customer loyalty

Can loyal customers be won over through loyalty programs? Or does loyalty instead arise when a product or service exceeds customer expectations? Manage your customers’ expectations and create customer experiences that surprise and impress.