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BSI CRM in sales

Though sales are the heart of your company, essential information to properly advise customers on-site is often lacking. That’s not the case with BSI CRM. (Video in German)



Does multi-front end
equal multi-problems?

What devices must a CRM run on? How can mobility and complexity be combined? And how sustainable are mobile CRM applications? Three questions answered by Matthias Zimmermann, Project Lead Eclipse Scout at BSI.


Mobile CRM: close to customers any place, any time

Customers are becoming more mobile. What about your CRM? Mobilization, personalization and digitalization and the interplay between them are changing the relationship to customers. And they are leading to many new requirements when it comes to CRM software. The good news for BSI customers is that consistent multi-front end strategy in BSI CRM keeps you in close proximity to your customers in every regard and equipped for the road on all mobile devices.

ONE solution for on the road

The good news is: if you use BSI CRM then you are already using a mobile CRM solution. You need not purchase any additional software or program any apps. BSI CRM runs as a Web application on all end devices and in any browser without any necessary adaptation or additional costs. This means that you have access to all your CRM data, functions and processes at any time and from anywhere.

Comic mit Verkäufer, der mit BSI CRM auf dem Tablet einen Verkauf vor Ort abschliesst

All done!

No other department is on the road more than the sales department. And no department relies more on the company’s CRM. Personal consultation is based on knowledge of preferences and history. Cumbersome post-processing back at the office? Not with mobile support. Business cases are handled and processes for the back office are initiated right while visiting the customer. For first rate customer service and zero post-processing.

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Mobile CRM and sales

A great team: with mobile CRM sales staff uses downtime more efficiently and can make better sales. The external sales team is better able to score with on-site access to all data and processes.

  • No need to go without the 360° customer view even when on the go: overview of the customer rating, amount of goodwill and much more.
  • Tips about the customer from lead management encourage cross- and upselling.
  • Improved consultation through next-best product support.
  • Take into account individual customer conditions (prices, multilevel discounts, complex return agreements) when calculating offers on-site.
  • Set up follow-up dates and tasks on the road and assign to other co-workers if needed.
  • Immediately resolve complaints received with comprehensive customer and company information.

Companies profit

More efficient use of the sales team’s time and faster further processing of orders and customer concerns are all sales promoting.

More personal on-site consultation and fast reaction times create trust and customer satisfaction. More appointments in a day and less preparation increases sales productivity. Both are crucial influential factors for business success.

Comprehensive reporting

The performance and effectiveness of field sales can be reviewed and controlled by the sales teams themselves, by team leaders as well as by management.

The work and activities conducted by the sales teams are automatically recorded in the CRM solution and can be traced.

Future-proof technology

Modern technology standards such as HTML5 mean that you can use BSI CRM on any end device without an app or adaptation: Android and iOS, tablets and smart phones.

The device-independent implementation of BSI CRM means that no elaborate maintenance of specially developed clients or apps is necessary. The logic is developed just once in the software and service architecture and is then available on all end devices: iPhones, iPads, Android and desktops.

The mobile workstation for sales staff

  • Follow-up appointments
  • Customers’ birthdays
  • Calendar from BSI CRM and Outlook/LN/Google
  • Task list
  • Performance of one’s own customers
  • Score cards with statistics and target values

All functions in your jacket pocket

BSI CRM optimally supports your sales: before, during and after the customer visit. The comprehensive customer view makes consultation a piece of cake and it easy to make additional sales.

All functions of BSI CRM

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In focus: what does mobile CRM have to deliver?

What does staff expect from a powerful mobile CRM solution? How are other companies doing it? What end devices are important for mobile CRM usage? Compare your requirements with those of 107 division and department heads in German companies.

Study in German (PDF, 1.64 MB)

Sandra Berger von Holcim und Pieric Ferrari von BSI im Gespräch

On a solid foundation

How the handling of processes via mobile devices simplified the lives of sales staff at Holcim. 

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Does multi-front end = multi-problems?

Even complex software like BSI CRM can be used in a user-friendly manner on a smart phone, tablet or in a browser. The mobile trend is far from complete – on the contrary. Matthias Zimmermann, Head of Framework Development at BSI, is convinced that it holds potential and justifies investment.

implemented for end devices