«With BSI CRM, you meet the current requirements of the GDPR and are on the safe side.»
Fabian Wüest, project leader

CRM and data protection (GDPR): Data protection-conforming customer relationship maintenance.

No hindrances to fear! BSI CRM deals with the latest data protection ordinance, the GDPR, with well thought out functionalities in the CRM system. This means you can be consistently sure that are meeting the current requirements and concentrate on your core business unconcerned – without having to plough through paragraphs of legalese.

Information obligations while entering

BSI CRM facilitates complete transparency while entering personal data, with the flexible displaying of data protection information in:

  • E-mail and letter templates
  • Process steps (optionally including automatic dispatching per e-mail)
  • Login windows on the portal (self-service)

The right to be “forgotten”

BSI CRM offers the following to support this right:

  • Deletion concept for the automatic removal of data on the basis of flexibly defined rules
  • Blocking of data on the basis of flexible blocking rules
  • Manual deletion of personal data (e.g. upon customer request), in consideration of flexibly defined data retention requirements

Accountability of those responsible

BSI CRM supports those responsible for an application towards the supervisory authorities with the following:

  • Regular security review
  • Historization of changes (time machine)
  • Historicized saving of the authorization functions per user

The information rights of individuals

As requested by customers or authorities, BSI CRM enables:

  • Flexible configuration of a data extract in a structured form
  • Dispatching of the data extract by e-mail or letter
  • Automatic requesting of a data extract in the self-service touchpoint portal

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Frequently asked questions; for clarification.

CRM and data protection Is that a contradiction?

No. Because BSI CRM deals with the stipulations of the new data protection ordinance, it is possible to efficiently fulfill the data protection requirements.


How long is data stored in the CRM?

When the reason for capturing personal data no longer exists, it must be erased. The rules and expiry dates depend on the data and the use thereof. Corresponding rules and erasure dates can be flexibly configured in BSI CRM.


How does data transfer to another company occur if the customer requests it?

There is currently no established transfer standard for customer relationship management systems. For now, BSI CRM supports the CSV exporting of customer data.

Deletion concept

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