When customers advise customers

On June 23, 2020, customer care and customer experience innovators met at Westhive in Zurich for new ideas and inspiration for the customer service of the future. Online, too, service champions participated in the event and were busy contributing to the discussion. Part 1 of the meeting highlights:


Betty Bossi obtains support in customer service – not from new employees or external partners, however, but from experts – customers who are cooking and baking pros as well as Betty Bossi fans. Throughout the lockdown, inquiries increased by 70% at Betty Bossi – so many people were cooking at home and utilizing the free access to all 120 Betty Bossi cookbooks and her 10 million recipes. Not only did Betty Bossi manage to cushion the lockdown peak, but she was also able to increase the NPS by 13% and customer satisfaction by 8% with the help of these experts, aka Betty authorities. During that time, the sales conversion even surged by 113%. The likable pair Julia Dimmler (Head of CRM) and Michel Müller (Head of Customer Service) summarized their learnings for a swift project on a flipchart:

  1. A small team and short decision-making paths
  2. Passion on the part of the project manager
  3. Have trust and thereby earn trust
  4. There are always going to be hurdles! Have courage and keep at it.

Customer service via WhatsApp at Swisscom

To be where the customers are – that is Melanie Schefer Bräker’s aspiration. Therefore, Ms. Schefer Bräker, Customer Care Manager at Swisscom, launched WhatsApp as a customer channel. At the Pop-up Event for Service Champions, the pioneer shared her experience with messaging in customer service with the participants. The new channel enjoys a high level of customer acceptance. The ratio has already reached 60% of customer service interactions, and the NPS has climbed to 60%. With the help of three bots and real employees, Swisscom achieves the goal of offering a WhatsApp experience that is just as good as the phone channel experience: The concierge bot, which welcomes customers and identifies their requests or concerns and assigns them to the right agent, is complemented by Apple Business Chat and WhatsApp. “To translate a process into a bot is not easy. Customers ought to be able to phrase their concerns as they wish. While that requires several solutions, the effort is worth it: “Customers value the service in the app that is most widely used on a daily basis. They can easily ask additional questions, send along photos, receive confirmations, and re-read the chat history. All this is worthwhile in terms of the customer experience.” Melanie Schefer Bräker summarizes the considerations to be made when the use of messaging in customer service is contemplated as follows: “Messaging requires different skills – employees must have excellent written communication skills. The asynchronous channel is an advantage, and so is the easier identification of customers. Parallelism, however, is also a challenge.” Nevertheless, customers love WhatsApp. It is hard to imagine Swisscom customer service without this channel.

Save the date

The next Pop-up Event for Service Champions will be held on November 27, starting at 2 p.m. – in an analog format in Vienna and digitally via Avaya Spaces. The four partners and hosts, BSI, CCC, cmm360.ch, and Wir Kunde, look forward to an inspiring afternoon – and to receiving your registration!