User-friendliness, excellence in advisory services, and customer orientation

Agrisano offers farming families and their employees a variety of insurance options from a single source. In 2016, it introduced BSI CRM to its 18 Swiss regional offices as well as its headquarters in Windisch. The goal was the holistic representation of the advisory process from A to Z to allow Agrisano, as a competent and reliable partner, to offer farming families and their employees the very best insurance protection. In this interview, Annina Christoffel, Head of Advisory Services, shares some of the challenges and successes encountered with the CRM implementation.

"Our advisors can assist customers better and in a way that is more closely aligned with their needs because the customer data is centrally stored in the CRM,” explains Annina Christoffel, Head of Advisory Services at Agrisano.

Mrs. Christoffel, how important is the CRM solution at Agrisano? And who are the users?

We use BSI CRM primarily as an advisory tool. We call it Boskop, which is the German acronym for advisory-optimized software for customers, quotes and products [Beratungs-optimierte Software für Kunden, Offerten und Produkte]. The main users – there are a total of 120 of them – are the advisors at our 18 regional offices and our headquarters. We have been using Boskop for a little over two years now, and it has become an important and helpful tool for our advisors. With Boskop, they always have an overall view of what a needs-oriented and efficient consultation permits. At the same time, it is very important to us that they like to work with the tool and value it as a practical resource. That’s because when our advisors enjoy their work, we end up with satisfied customers.

How did the CRM introduction affect the organization and mode of operation at Agrisano?

The introduction of BSI CRM brought on many changes at our regional offices. We redesigned the advisory process together. For example, should the data be entered into the CRM before, during, or after the consultation? Or, should the customer approach the advisor or should the advisor approach the customer? The larger regional offices also adjusted the distribution of tasks between their in-house and field sales groups. With the CRM solution, our regional offices received a new and standardized tool that now allows them to serve our customers efficiently, create quotes, and provide advisory services.


"We have been using Boskop for a little over two years now, and it has become an important and helpful tool for our advisors." 

Annina ChristoffelHead of Advisory Services Agrisano

What are the advantages of this “standardization”?

The biggest advantage Boskop gave us is definitely the representation of a variety of advisory-related data in a single tool. For example, today, our advisors can view insurance protection options, quotes, communication pieces, and tasks; they can also retrieve operating data such as cultural, animal-related and product master databases at a glance and can continuously update them. The introduction of Boskop has also led to more transparency. Our advisors can now see if a consultation pays commission or not, and the regional offices can see exactly who else services customers in their territory.

Do you agree with the statement "CRM is a change management project"? Does a CRM solution change the employees’ workday, the processes, and the dialog with the customer?

CRM definitely means change management, among other things. We felt this very strongly: With 18 regional offices that are independent agencies and are connected to us only through cooperative work contracts, it is challenging to introduce a joint tool. The contact between the regional offices and our headquarters has become closer through the introduction of the BSI CRM. During the project phase and the step-by-step launch but also after the implementation, we were able to eliminate many uncertainties and questions by always seeking a dialog with our regional offices.

Boskop, Agrisano’s CRM solution from BSI, is defined by its ease of use. 360 ° views with a personal greeting for users in the morning are included.

Which tasks and topics does Agrisano use BSI CRM for?

We introduced BSI CRM at Agrisano primarily for the overall insurance consulting part of the business. Before the introduction of Boskop, our headquarters used an Excel tool, and our regional offices had their own tools and aids for advisory services. For every consultation, the data had to be re-entered into Excel and evaluated.  

With Boskop, our advisors can save the data in the CRM and use it for their consultations. We can record third-party contracts with insurance services, specify all operating data, and provide recommendations. All the processes related to insurance overviews and quote generation are also mapped in the CRM system. We can create quotes for basic and supplementary insurance, expanded coverage insurance, and insurance for employees. We can also acquire agriculture-specific data, such as information on the usable area, the business branches, or accounting.

"With a partner like BSI, who understands our needs and issues, it is easy to overcome challenges."

Annina ChristoffelHead of Advisory Services at Agrisano

And how do Agrisano customers benefit from the CRM system and its functionalities?

Of course, our customers benefit from the introduction of the CRM as well – and they do so in many ways. If a customer contacts one of the regional offices, an advisor can assist him/her better and more closely aligned to his/her needs because the customer data is centrally stored in the CRM. The consultation quality has also increased with Boskop. The software solution ensures that the advisors have real-time customer data available. We were also able to improve the quality of quotes and applications with the new system.

In what respect was and is BSI the right software partner for you?

BSI is the right partner for us because they have enormous expertise in the insurance field. Challenges can be more easily overcome with a partner who understands our needs and issues. We very much appreciate the effortless and open communication we share with BSI. The Boskop team is small but great, and we are proud of what we have been able to achieve together.

At Agrisano, the BSI CRM allows the acquisition of insurance policies such as AHV [old-age and survivors insurance], PK [pension insurance), Säule 3A and 3B [pension insurance], accident and sickness benefits, etc. to determine any gaps in protection. This allows our advisors to create personalized quotes for our customers.

A brief preview: Where do you go from here?

Currently, we are in the process of switching to the BSI Ocean release that will go live in the summer of 2019. After this major milestone, we will again focus on our wish list that still contains more than 100 entries. We are convinced that our users will continue to have many new ideas in the future as well; this will ensure that things won’t become boring, either for BSI or for us.