Unstoppable growth at BSI

BSI Business Systems Integration AG, the software company specializing in software for CRM, marketing automation, and other core processes, has released a very positive annual report for the past year: In Fiscal Year 2018/19, BSI was able to increase its revenue from CHF 49,4 million to CHF 55,4 million, a revenue growth of 12%. Forty-eight new software experts chose BSI as their employer. Reasons for the positive development are product innovations, such as BSI Studio, the smart marketing automation platform, and several attractive new releases. Fourteen new clients and additional projects with current customers resulted in growth at all company offices.

In its 22nd year in business, BSI Business Systems Integration AG was able to increase its revenue again, namely by 12% to CHF 55,4 million. “We are very excited about this positive result and are thankful to our customers and all 322 of our employees who have contributed to this success,” stated Markus Brunold, Managing Director at BSI.

A boost in business through product innovations

Fiscal year 2018/19 was a special year in the 22-year history of BSI: “After two years of developing BSI Studio with an unwavering focus, we were able to launch an innovative product that closes the gap between the CRM solution and the customer experience,” as Markus Brunold explained. The platform for marketing automation combines CRM with personalized content and the automated implementation of customer journeys and processes.

“Our goal is to touch our customers with the right content, over the right channel, and exactly at the right time – to offer them a seamless digital customer experience. This means moving away from Excel, manual processes, and data silos and instead turning toward proactive real-time actions that are based on customer behavior.”

Markus BrunoldCEO at BSI

The Company’s latest CRM release, BSI CRM Ocean, particularly appeals to companies in the banking, insurance, and retail industries who want to take the digitization and automation of their customer interactions further in an effective way. The integration of AI delivers data intelligence: There is, for example, an automated search for the channel that offers the highest probability of closing a sale, the best contact step to take next, or the most promising time to contact a customer. Moreover, all touchpoints, now even WhatsApp, are integrated. “We are also constantly expanding the ecosystem around BSI CRM Ocean and BSI Studio with additional partners and services that support companies in the creation of proactive customer experiences.”

Our customers have a say

A number of companies have chosen BSI as their software partner in FY 2018/19. Examples include Bank Gutmann, Hanseatic Bank, NÜRNBERGER, ProTect (a member of Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe), FIEGE, Datatrans, Galenicare (Switzerland’s largest pharmacy network), the University of Zurich, proinnovera, and Pfister.
Current customers, too, have expanded their collaboration with BSI. Some of them are Gothaer, Münchener Verein, HDI, APG|SGA, Swiss Post, and PostFinance. “We are delighted that we were able to work with Bank Gutmann and therefore implement our first project in Austria. Thanks to Hanseatic Bank, we ventured to Hamburg and opened our eighth office there,” commented Markus Brunold. "Our customers feel our passion and trust BSI, because we are close to them, geographically as well as in terms of product development. They are involved and codetermine our road map and strategy. This is an important attribute BSI has that our customers appreciate very much."

Forty-eight new experts

With the expansion at all offices, the BSI team grew to 322 employees: A total of forty-eight new team members were welcomed at the eight offices and were introduced to BSI's values and products. “Our biggest goal is to have happy users. Together with our passionate team, we want to contribute every single day to transforming user requests into software and giving our customers the critical lead,” stated Markus Brunold. Another feature that sets BSI apart is this: “BSI belongs to us. Two hundred and two of our 322 employees hold an interest in BSI. This ownership scenario generates happy togetherness and a maximum focus on customers and users.”

BSI Lab: Where the future begins

When prospective employees decide to join BSI, they choose not only a solid, owner-operated, value-based company but also the technology of the future. In the so-called BSI Labs, employees perform experiments in practical and scientific terms. This leads to new ideas and projects that are often integrated into the standard product. Examples of products that emerged from the BSI Lab are the Voice Assistant and the Machine Learning Engine, which makes AI useful for customer journeys and business processes. “Our retail customers already benefit from both today,” stated Markus Brunold proudly.

A smart future

For this next fiscal year, the passionate software developers at BSI have big plans as well. There will be new products using machine learning and offering real-time interactions, and attractive features for marketing automation across all channels that can be used without expensive projects or IT knowledge – all with a focus on the banking, insurance, retail, health insurance, and CTMS industries. “To succeed with this, we will continue to expand our partner network and enlarge our ecosystem. This is to the benefit of our customers who, as far as the customer experience is concerned, can select from an abundance of options to delight their customers and stand out clearly from their competition – in terms of proactivity, creativity, and customer benefit. Because every customer is unique. The keyword is “segment of one.” Our customers are now self-sufficient when it comes to providing their clients with positive and powerful customer experiences. What we do is provide the tools that are needed – with passion, joy, and much care for the small difference that has a large effect.”